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From a friend of mine, who was once chief of staff for a prominent Congressman, on how he was chastised by his boss: “[name], lying’s not like riding a bicycle; you have to practice it, every day.”


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    • AJ

      And what changed his mind on GMOs? The fact that global warming is real. Uh huh. Wonder who got to him? Here’s a Quote from Mr. Science himself as provided on your link: “. . . But what happened in the sort of 10, 15 years since then, is that I have written a couple of books on climate change, and I really fell in love with the scientific method as a way of establishing knowledge about the world. . . .”

  1. AJ

    “The tyrannical spirit of Obamacare and ever increasing government encroachment upon individual rights continues unabated.

    The latest outrage is about to happen in California. The state – with the backing of Democrats and other supporters of government coercion – wants to force doctors to pee in a cup in order to keep their licenses. Instead of stripping doctors of their Fourth Amendment right, we here at Infowars.com think a group of people far more likely to commit crimes should be drug tested – government officials from Obama down to the most junior member of Congress.

    The petition text is below. . . .”