Sale on Thunder Mountain


28 Thunder Mountain Rd

28 Thunder Mountain Rd

28 Thunder Mountain has sold for $4.490 million, a pretty good deal for the buyer (who rented in May with an option to buy, discovered he liked his neighbors and neighborhood, and decided to stay. The sellers paid $5.650 for the home in 2008, right at the peak of the market, so they didn’t make out as well.

Thunder Mountain building lot

Thunder Mountain building lot

Speaking of peaks, a client of mine owns 2.6 acres at the top of the hill here (where you can look down on the new owners of 28), approved for building, with spectacular views. He got it at a low enough price that there’s room for a tidy profit while still offering someone who wants to build his own home an affordable lot for a $4.5 million home. This is an ad for that property, I suppose but heck, but we had to do that sometime.

Write me: I’ll throw in a Chevy Volt.


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24 responses to “Sale on Thunder Mountain

  1. anon

    In the second photo, of the plot of land for sale, is the Merritt in the background? Is that the spectacular view?

  2. AJ

    Thunder Mountain? There are no mountains in Greenwich.

    Does soursop fruit kill cancer? Probably bullshit, but if I had cancer, I’d give it a try.

  3. Toonces

    I agree – the buyer did extremely well here. That’s a nice big house for the money.

  4. Mickster

    CF, I may be naive but if a spectacular 7400 sq ft property on 2+ acres just sold for 4.5mill, why would a 2.6 acre property with NO HOUSE be worth the same money, view aside?

    • AJ

      Because you can build your burger the way you like it just like at Burger king? ‘Cause you don’t have to go through the trouble of picking out those cheap dill pickles or scraping the mustard off your bun.

    • No, Mickster, perhaps I was unclear: the land could be purchased at a price low enough to permit, say, spending $2+ million constructing a house, and the total all-in cost would still be below what the neighbor down the hill just paid.
      Have a great time in St. Barts, you feckless Irishman, you, and happy birthday. Watch that landing!

    • AJ

      Mickster, I think you misread the post. What CF is saying is that for the price of the property plus 4.5 million you could build your own MickMansion which would cost you no more than the 4.49 million that your soon to be neighbor spent. So you can pick up the property for (-)$10,000 (sweet), then get to pay taxes on the assessed value (bummer). And he’ll throw in some sort of torque meister electric vehicle to sweeten the pot. Though I have to agree with Cobra that there is no replacement for displacement.

  5. John Harvey

    Please email details of thunder mountain lot

  6. Flash

    On zillow, what is at the end of Memory Lane?
    Is it a cemetary?