The next Democrat spokesman tries his wings inLondon


No need for a dog whistle here - Democratic Party ad, 1860

No need for a dog whistle here – Democratic Party ad, 1860

Gardening talk about “native soil” and “invasive species” is code for white supremacists, expert declares.

Dr Ben Pitcher, a senior lecturer in sociology at the University of Westminster, says the panel show is ‘saturated’ with racial language.

From debates about native and non-native plant species to advice about the purity of different soil types, the programme’s resident green-fingered experts are secretly feeding nationalist and fascist fantasies, he claims.

Speaking on another Radio 4 programme, Thinking Allowed [but obviously not required – ED] , he said: ‘Gardeners’ Question Time is … layered with, saturated with, racial meanings. The context here is the rise of nationalism. The rise of racist and fascist parties across Europe. Nationalism is about shoring up a fantasy of national integrity. My question is, what feeds nationalism? What makes nationalism powerful?’

Dr Pitcher said there is a ‘crisis in white identity in multicultural Britain’ caused by the fact that ‘white culture’ is historically associated with racism and far-Right views.

White people are therefore forced to find other ways of talking about white identity – such as through gardening – so they do not appear to be racist.

Speaking on the same programme, Lola Young, a crossbench peer and former professor of cultural studies, agreed with Dr Pitcher’s argument. She added: ‘I remember back in the late 80s-early 90s when rhododendrons were seen as this huge problem, and people were talking about going out rhododendron-bashing.

Dr Ben Pitcher said he believes the programme is saturated with racial language

‘That was at a time when Paki-bashing was something that was all too prevalent on our streets. This kind of slippage of language into alien and native is a thread in our language.’




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6 responses to “The next Democrat spokesman tries his wings inLondon

  1. JBBlackett

    It is unbelievable

  2. AJ

    ‘Agri-Terrorism? Feds Shut Down Seed Library in Pennsylvania
    War on self-sufficiency intensifies’

    “. . . Cumberland County Library System Executive Director Jonelle Darr was told that the USDA would, “continue to crack down on seed libraries that have established themselves in the state.”

    Cumberland County Commissioner Barbara Cross applauded the USDA’s decision, warning that allowing residents to borrow seeds could have led to acts of “agri-terrorism.”

    The library has abandoned the seed system and instead can only promote events where residents are encouraged to directly swap seeds with each other.

    “Gosh, this makes me wonder when they are going to crack down on all of those GMO fields, with their grave concerns about cross-pollination,” writes Daisy Luther. “Look out, Monsanto…oh, wait. This only applies to regular people growing vegetables. GMOs aren’t considered an invasive species.”

    While the USDA is busy cracking down on local seed libraries in the name of preventing cross-pollination, many accuse the federal agency of being completely in the pocket of biotech giant Monsanto, which itself has been responsible for cross-pollinating farmers’ crops with genetically modified seeds on an industrial scale. . . .”

  3. AJ

    I guess Dr. Pitcher has never heard of homographs or homophones, and Obama’s body man, Reggie Love, fixes the dents in the president’s car.

  4. Fred2

    Good God. How far does your head have to be up your derriere to even come up with this clap-trap.

    This is the same crowd that sees “micro-agressions” everywhere isńt it?