And another $2 million house goes to contract


553 North Street

553 North Street

553 North Street, 2 acres, 1972 construction, asking $1.995 million. See my comment on 9 Frontier.


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10 responses to “And another $2 million house goes to contract

  1. The New Normal

    too far north for the marginal buyer these days

    • Aw come on, it’s south of Dewart, just a stone throw up from the southern terminus of Taconic. It’s not as though people are still riding horses into town, so a 1/4 mile further north shouldn’t be a consideration. Mind you, I’m not saying it isn’t, for some buyers, but it’s silly.

  2. that was built in ’72? eliminating the adjectives in the description softens the cognitive dissonance provided by the pics.

  3. Anonymous

    that WHITE entry foyer carpet would last about 2 hours before getting destroyed in our household.

    is there a box of surgical booties on the front porch for visitors/residents’ use?

    • The owners are Japanese, so dirty shoes almost certainly aren’t a problem.

      • Anonymous

        it’s truly amazing that the exact same flame shape appears in the various fireplaces. why, it’s a summer miracle!

        • Cobra

          I noticed the same phenomenon a few years ago and Chris informed me it was a much used app…much like the “pair of swans” often added to any real estate listing photo of a pond or lake.

  4. LAK

    White rug in the foyer?

    • anon

      What would you prefer? A Wipe Your Paws dog mat? I am sure family comes in through the kitchen or garage so the white is for guests coming for dinner etc. I think it’s lovely. And no, it’s not my house nor am I the agent.