As government fails, the free market advances


Nancy Pelosi greets new voters

Nancy Pelosi greets new voters

British columnist lauds effort of the man who built a private toll road to bypass the broken road government can’t fix (an effort which, two days ago, I wrote about here) and notes other instances where private citizens have stepped in to solve problems their government won’t.

Here in the United States, where the government has already surrendered our borders, we are rapidly approaching the point where all our tax money will be spent on transfer payments, from welfare to municipal union pension funds, and the basic government services: “basic”, because they were the desired services free citizens voluntarily, and temporarily, surrendered certain rights to government to address, will disappear. When they do, the government will be serving no purpose except to coerce and rob the people. That should produce some interesting results.

From the column:

Thankfully, there are encouraging signs that Mr Watts may not be alone, that our spirit of defiance and perseverance may be re-emerging — chiefly, I might say, through the efforts of the middle-aged and the elderly.

Take retired grandmother Margo Kirk, for example. Fed up with a lack of bus services to and from her Dorset village two years ago, Mrs Kirk, 63, decided to start her own.

Just five months later, the community of Milborne St Andrew had a new service called Bus2Go.

People in Tiverton, Devon, have been repairing potholes themselves after becoming fed up with a bumpy road that damaged their vehicles.

It might sound daunting at first, but Collipriest Lane was easily improved after 16 households donated £10 each to buy asphalt to patch potholes caused by heavy traffic.

In Highgate, North London, residents recently employed their own private security firm to patrol their streets after a spate of break-ins. Having asked police for more patrols to no avail, those living in Sheldon Avenue and Stormont Road decided to pay for a private firm to patrol their streets in a security van.

Police have now had to admit that there has been a sharp fall in burglaries and vehicle crime in the area since the patrol was set up.

From little acorns, mighty oaks grow.



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6 responses to “As government fails, the free market advances

  1. Fred2

    I think the Pelosi picture is titled incorrectly.

    She’d never let such riff raff into her enclave, except under supervision.

    If should be more like “Their houses are now yours, go forth and claim them.”

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    Were somebody to do that here, P&Z would send out its DHS trained and equipped SWAT team to shut him down. Can’t have anyone notice that the private sector is infinitely more competent than the public sector.

    • TheBox

      I work for a large corporation – I wouldn’t say infinitely. Their bureaucracy is just as bloated and inept – only they moved a lot of it to India so at least it doesn’t cost as much as our federal, state and local group of “Jobsworths.”

  3. Once

    Hence the UKIP.

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