Bidding war on Rockwood Lane

83 Rockwood Lane

83 Rockwood Lane

Well, a modest bidding war, but 83 Rockwood Lane asked for $1.995 and got $2 million, indicating that there were at least two people who wanted it. It’s just 1.27 acres in the R-2 zone, which severely restricts its FAR value (5,000 vs. 7,840 for a full-two-acres), but a 5,000 sq.ft. home isn’t quite a hovel, so I’d go with this being a land sale, rather than a renovation of this ’50s ranch. Either way, the house contributed little or nothing to the price.


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5 responses to “Bidding war on Rockwood Lane

  1. Guest

    One of the prettiest lots in Greenwich. Stupid buyers are chopping down the trees. Nothing like ruining a beautiful place.

  2. Anonymous

    Land is stunning; current owners let nature take 1/2 of it back. Lots of junk trees in there

    • Rick

      Seemed especially in back of the house.

    • Guest

      The beauty of Rockwood Lane is the trees and bushes- that a big portion has gone back to nature or is mature rhododendrons and other planted plants that look like nature, but are really not because they have been there a long time.

      Cutting down the trees detracts – it becomes like supersized track houses. At least one set of back to back houses on the street has most of the trees cut, and you can see through to the house in back of it – not a good thing for property values.
      Big house on Lake did some nonsense on Rockwood, also that looks bad.

      The houses that impair nature but not too much are the nicest on Rockwood.