Terrific – he’s now free to come here and replace Peter Tesei


Don't let his glazed look fool you - he's actually already 12, and clearly past his shelf life

Don’t let his goofy look fool you – he’s actually already 12, and clearly past his shelf life

Five-year-old mayor loses reelection bid in Minnesota.


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15 responses to “Terrific – he’s now free to come here and replace Peter Tesei

  1. AJ Nock

    Why do you have such a hard on for Tesei? He seems like a decent fellow. There are a lot worse politicians.

  2. Anonymous

    Tesei is a decent fellow.
    Not a great surprise that he gets attacked by the author, who is a member of the firm that threatened a 40+ year Town resident in an attempt to force a sale of his family home. Frank Farricker is a disgrace, and by association, so is anyone associated with Lockwood & Mead:

    • Riverslide

      You’re basically right, but, by bringing in the synagogue issue, you seem to be casting Peter as an opponent of the proposal, and someone due “good guy” points. That’s hardly warranted in this case. If anything, one senses that he believes he would score more politically by subtly siding with GRS at this point.

      • Anonymous

        Not what I intended. Synagogue issue is totally irrelevant to my point. Read the Farricker letter on the linked page. I am ambivalent about the synagogue, but when I read the letter I was appalled. How does any decent person associate with this low life?

        • Funny, you sound just like Frank’s Democrat pals who demanded the same question of him and insisted that he fire me. Tolerance and bigotry often go hand-in-hand. Hmm.

        • Oh I’m sorry….
          Farriker like anyone else would do sold a piece of property in good faith. Get over it people. The Synagogue is going to be built. Even Tesei wants it. Won’t say that publically because he’s scared of Cos Cob retaliation. Second Selectman Theis who is completey idiotic believes a Syngague on Orchard Street will somehow change the character. What character is Theis referring too?

      • Anonymous

        Peter will take no position and then flip flop like he has for 7 years. That’s what he does. Does it make him a bad person. No but it does make him a weak person. A weak leader. He apparently is in favor of the Synagogue but has chosen to hide behind closed door meetings without actually stating his position. A true leader would tell those Cos Cob bigots that the Synagogue has every right to be built.

  3. Riverslide

    That’s sad. The last three posters above, CF included, just couldn’t resist playing the bigotry card — though there isn’t a shred of evidence to support it.

  4. Yes Tesei is a weak leader and yes he flip flops on just about everything but on the Syngauge issue he is correct. I give Tesei credit for making the two ZBA officials who voted against Syngague to change vote. The two ZBA guys are incompetent and Tesei for once stood ground. The Syngague is going to be built.

    • Tesei should have never gotten involved. He stays silent on just about everything but for some reason he needed to pressure the 2 guys who voted against the synague to change votes. What does that tell you. The 2 gutless guys will probably change votes should be immediately thrown off! What are their names and how do we contact them. What good reason do they have? Orchard Street is innapropraite for a Synagouge. It has nothing to do with religion. Nothing. Those people made a fortune selling its property on Stanwich and now want to squeeze a large building on a small lot.

      • Second Selectman Theis should be ashamed of himself. His insensitive comment about people with big wallets getting their way all the time is very telling to the man he is. What is meant by that and how did this guy get elected. He doesn’t want the Synegauge. Everyone knows that but he should refrain from speaking such venom.

  5. Anonymous

    synagogue schminagogue, where can i get a decent knish in this town?

  6. nutmegger

    Sick of NIMBYs from Cos Cob thinking they should be exempt from all unpalatable situations just because all 3 Selectmen are either FROM Cos Cob or live there now. Worst kind of cronyism. Life moves on, the Selectmen are not there to do your bidding, and if the Synagogue moves forward it’s because it’s the legal and correct thing to do for the town.

  7. pulled up in OG

    Shame they didn’t buy on Cognewaugh.