And a price cut


Welcome to Cozee Halle

Welcome to Cozee Halle

47 Doubling Road has been knocked down again, to $4.895 million  This was built in 2006 and put on the market for $7.495 million, but found no takers. It’s been rented sporadically since, and offered for sale at various prices, but today’s price marks a new low.

Maybe this will do it.


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12 responses to “And a price cut

  1. anon2

    Link goes to Binney.

  2. Anonymous

    that wall of molding looks like it was designed as follows:
    “hey ed.”
    “we got about 300 feet of that leftover molding you got off that job in westport, right?”
    “yeah, so?”
    “let’s use it here. i figure we could do at least a few hundred cuts and hours of mitering, prep, etc. we’re talkin’ and extra grand or so, right?”
    “got any ideas on how to lay it out?”
    “no man, i got a wicked hangover and can’t see straight. went to port chester last night with this guy i know, walt, and man it was nuts. we’re talkin’ donkeys, bored housewives, and video. it was weird shit.”
    “whoa. ok, let’s wing it.”
    “yeah, ok. damn, my balls itch. pass me that bottle of gojo, would ya?”

  3. was going to make a snarky comment about the minuscule pool house; Bing was no help:

  4. Toonces

    Why is this priced so low? Looks like a screaming good deal.

  5. Anonymous

    Owners were fans of Connect Four.

  6. Publius

    Another example of a good investment. Wow, three good investments in a row on this blog. Who needs an investment adviiser, just buy Greeniwch real estate, it’s a slam dunk!!!!!


    You are going to have to cut me off because even I can’t stand my own insufferability at this point…….

  7. George Leroy Tirebiter

    “Doubling Road”??
    Considering the price action, maybe it should be “Halfling Road” instead.

  8. Flash

    6.9 acres, 2 lots down the road $10,500,000 at #133,137
    What are the chances?

  9. Anonymous

    Chris, you have the wrong address for this listing. Please correct it.