And we’re back

Great day on the water fishing the Race, but limited action – huge schools of small mackerel, but nothing larger beneath them We did hit some smallish blues which, on light tackle, made for good sport. All released, you PETA folks out there.

261 Round Hill Road

261 Round Hill Road

In the meantime, here’s an oddity that’s shown up, 261 Round Hill Road,* a house of questionable appeal that was last listed for $7.299 million before it was pulled off the market so that the husband could be put in jail for savagely beating his wife, is back on today with a new broker and a new price of $10.995 million.

No mention of any improvements made since the attack of August, 2013, so the reason for bumping the price from $7 to $11 million remains obscure.

*the link is to last year’s listing, but if all that’s changed is the price, it will do.


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7 responses to “And we’re back

  1. Anonymous

    “8 car covered garage” as opposed to the 8 car uncovered garages out there.

  2. On the bright side, I did hear a rumor that the owner (victim) made a very positive recovery. I don’t think this real estate attempt will fair as well though.

    I am happy to hear she is ok.

  3. maybe they removed the entry fountain?

  4. Anonymous

    Ugly home. Extremely ugly. along with the bad vibe – I wonder who would want this?

  5. AJ

    What, no blowfish?

  6. Anonymous

    This broker over prices everything!! Butt Ugly house that couldn’t even sell at $7.2 That poor women that was beaten!! Does she think that notoriety increases the value?? DELUSIONAL!!!

  7. Anonymous

    This house gets my prize for ugliest house on Round Hill Road. Totally out of context. A real Sopranos nightmare.