Cos Cob contract


57 Mimosa Drive

57 Mimosa Drive

57 Mimosa Drive, asking $2.895 million, reports that it’s now under contract. This was a Mark O’Brien home that sold new in 2007 for $3.350 million.


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16 responses to “Cos Cob contract

  1. Cos Cobber

    Guess that snowy winter really helped with the fuzzy income math used to push Cos Cob up in the rankings…. #6 out of 60.

  2. Chimney

    I sure hope it’s staged- can’t believe anyone would decorate a home
    like that!

  3. Anonymous

    the photoshopped grass is a nice touch.

  4. Toonces

    A stager would never use furniture like that!

  5. Publius

    I guess if taking a 500k haircut on a house is a good investment, I would be curious to know what a bad investment is….

    • Anonymous

      This is a good example of paying too much for new construction. Way too much.

      • Riverside Dog Walker

        I wonder if the people paying $4 million on Bramble and Dialstone are watching these resales?

        • Toonces

          I may be wrong, but I think those people aren’t going to face the “mimosa” effect. There are just too many NYC families with lots of money to spend, and on their lists the following: new construction, walk the kiddies to school and walk the kiddies to the best rated school. All those say slam dunk for Bramble, Driud etc…Publius,what say you?

          • Look at the price difference here, Toonces – Mimosa is a great street, the schools are fine, and you’re getting into a very decent house for half what it would cost for Riverside. For someone who has $4 million to spend, they may feel that Riverside is still the better choice, for them, but – and this is surely as shocking to you as it was for me – not everyone can afford $4 million and, for them, Mimosa at $2 is a pretty good deal.

            The rest of us plebeians are stuck in houses inherited from our grandmothers.

          • Toonces

            I do like that area – mimosa, serenity, sundance. But did you say mimosa sold for “2”? It didn’t go for that little did it? No way right? Anyway – what I was trying to say is that new construction seems to hold its value only when it is in the right location i.e. Riverside and some of the high end mid country and OG streets. Anyplace else I think the buyer has to be careful.

  6. Anonymous

    I’m not familiar with Mark OBrien, but I really dislike those awful wooden floors throughout. The wood colors are atrocious.

    • Mr.O’Brien,last I head, has decamped to New Zealand.And yes, I agree – those floors were an unfortunate experiment in modifying the general public’s taste in color schemes.

  7. Anonymous

    Good looking house though, on a nice street. I feel badly for the sellers with that size of a haircut.

  8. rivman

    That flooring seems more of an antique style that doesn’t blend well with the house design.