Fun with Dick and Jane

A reader sends along this photo, taken today in front of the Bank of America branch.



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13 responses to “Fun with Dick and Jane

  1. Anonymous

    A lot of police activity in OG today. A truck got stuck under the bridge between the civic center and Innis Arden this morning. And now there’s been a boating accident at Tod’s Point.

  2. AJ

    Will vitamins and minerals cure everything? Watch and decide.

  3. Reader

    Today, the Obama administration is sticking up BofA for $17B for the crime of taking over Merrill and Countrywide to save the financial system. Looks like they sent the local police to collect.

    • anon

      Ø was SUPPOSED to give a press conference at 5pm. Um, it’s 5:39. Do you know where your president is?

  4. Anonymous

    The BAC shakedown never ends.

    Shareholders should sue the gov’t for stealing sharehohlder equity. The $17B sure as hell isn’t coming back to taxpayers as pro rata refund.

  5. Linwood

    I heard the BAC scene had to deal with a fake ATM card

  6. The young lady who died in the boating accident has been identified as an OG resident:
    Nothing to do but pray.
    Driving a boat for skiing or tubing requires caution and judgment.

    • Both of which are rare among sixteen-year-olds, of course. As I’m going through roughly the same thing her poor parents are, I grieve for them, deeply, and think I understand their awful pain. Arrgghh.