This house should already be sold


40 Husted Lane

40 Husted Lane

40 Husted is one of the prettiest houses on the street, and sits on 3 beautiful acres in the two-are zone. It’s in impeccable condition, completely renovated, and listing agent Janet Milligan priced it at $4.650 million, which I thought was a great price, for this house and this location. I was shocked when I checked on its status and saw that it remains unsold. It’s been on the market for 51 days now and although that’s not an inordinate time for this price range, it should have gone in long gone by now.

If this is in your budget, and you’re looking in mid-country, you should see this house.

Unsolicited plug.


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24 responses to “This house should already be sold

  1. Anon

    Beautiful house, but on that street that’s a land deal.

  2. Anon

    It’s a “taint” house. Taint old, taint new. Proportions, ceilings, windows all scream 1953. You want someone else’s first wife with a face lift and a tummy tuck, or some young chic?

  3. Flash

    I really like Zillow map to get look at a larger area around active listings. When Searching Husted, it shows only red #104, no #40.
    But searching ’40 Husted’ comes up red
    I know zillow has defects, but to simply locate active listings using a navigable map is a big plus.
    Why would you hide an address?

    • Anonymous

      Bing actually provides better overhead mapping than Zillow. If you just want to see what something looks like from “Birds Eye”, check Bing.

  4. Anonymous

    The low ceilings, somewhat dated floors, unassuming moldings and entry hall, no basement, small garage, no pool, and only 4600 sqft explains. It’s a pretty kitchen and master bath, and beautiful land, but the house just doesn’t feel like a 4.5mm home.

    • Anonymous

      Higher end homes on the street sell for 6mm +

      The land alone is easily worth $3mm here, IMHO.

    • Flash

      Needs pizazz. A roof ridge rail would help and disguise that low pitch. New entry of more substance (get those sidelights out). Moulding over exterior windows with longer shutters to get rid of the squat look. Log the big tree on the left.
      And inside, a can of beige for walls and white for trim ( or vice versa)

      • anonamoo

        I just got rid of every ounce of awful beige and/or other color on the walls in my house, opting for the all white look. It’s crisper, cleaner, goes with every decor. Beige is drab, dreary, old lady.

        • Anonymous

          All white looks like a hospital

        • anonamoo

          Depends on the white and depends on the color of the furniture, accessories, curtains. There is a white that can be hospital-like but good brands of paint offer Fifty Shades of White! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      But it’s a least 4mm land.

    • anon2

      I did a Raveis search in the $4-$4.5 range Greenwich. With but one or two exceptions, houses in this price range are well over 5kSF, most in the 6+kSf, a handful in the 7ksf and one 11k. That makes 40 Husted very overpriced for its size.

  5. Anonymous

    u want cheapest house on nice street, or nicest house on cheap street?

  6. Guest

    Not everyone has an extra $2 million for a brand new house with higher ceilings and a bigger entrance hall. Lots of other things that a person can do with $2 million as opposed to tearing down a perfectly nice house – that is, unless you are a builder.

  7. Anonymous

    it’s a damned shame to waste a perfectly good white house.

    • Anonymous

      Lol 🙂 (from the emilio estevez/charlie sheen movie, circa 1990, right? That was a damn good line.)

  8. anon2

    Anyone else seeing this breaking news? Is this Chris in the khaki shorts and yellow tee?

  9. eb

    A very nice house. Would have liked to see more of it in the listing.