Cos Cob contract


12 Serenity Lane

12 Serenity Lane. Ask for me tomorrow and you shall find me a grave man.

12 Serenity Lane, off Mimosa, one acre, $1.495 asking price. For the price, this looks like an attractive deal, though I’m a little worried about the “Serenity Lane” part; it sounds like a road leading to a cemetery. So far as I know it does not, but the listing agent’s copy, “Renovate, expand, and live here forever” makes me wonder.

UPDATE: If the buyers’ agent were any good, she’d have this framed and printed as a house warming gift.

What, they'll be moving to Riverside?

What, they’ll be moving to Riverside?


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10 responses to “Cos Cob contract

  1. Anonymous

    Serenity now!

  2. Anonymous

    Could be worse… once lived on a street called “Slumber Corners”.

  3. anonamoo

    Mianus Road made the list of the 25 worst named streets. Scroll down to #13.

  4. Flash

    What stands out in the pre-FAR basement.
    I’m thinking that most Greenwich assume full head height! this looks awfully short.

  5. LAK

    Be afraid of the living. Not the dead.

  6. Anon

    You would think this street would be popular. God grant me the Serenity…

  7. Anonymous

    how many divorces were finalized on serenity lane? that would be a fun statistic.