If this had happened in NYC, she’d be on the payroll for life


At least she's unlikely to be preying on susceptible young boys

At least she’s unlikely to be preying on susceptible young boys

Oklahoma: teacher arrives for first day at school pantless and drunk.

School district officials refused to comment on their pantsless employee, calling the matter a personnel issue. [WTF!!!?? – Ed]

Some local parents were disturbed about the strange incident.

“I don’t know, as an adult, I just don’t know how you can be a professional teacher and teaching young people, and then show up drunk,” said Frank Sandiford, the parent of a Wagoner High student, according to KOKI.

Mr. Sandiford has obviously not had an opportunity to speak with an NEA representative, who could explain the matter to him and place it in its proper perspective.


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12 responses to “If this had happened in NYC, she’d be on the payroll for life

  1. AJ

    Another reason to legalize marijuana. Had she been high on weed, not only would no one have noticed, it’s likely she would have remembered her pants.

  2. Mark B.

    I’d think it’s best for this tootsie to avoid The Weed. Last thing this girl needs is the munchies …

    • That advice may have come too late for the lass.

    • AJ

      The video I put up yesterday under the “Fun with Dick and Jane” post attributes compulsive snacking to a diet that’s lacking in essential vitamins and minerals, something absent in food produced by modern agriculture. Check it out: it’s worth watching.

    • I’ll do you one better: combine the two products and you’ve got the perfect holiday gift for alcoholic cowgirls. (By the way, I suspect that the creator of this poster was aiming for “State Capitol”, but let us cast a benign eye over the illiterate).

    • housecat

      CR: that is sooooo gross.

    • AJ

      Good plan: no one’s going to approach the crazy bitch sucking on tampons to see what she’s up to. I know I’d keep my distance.