NASA and settled science


Startrek "Plasma Thruster", as approved and verified by NASA

Startrek “Plasma Thruster”, as approved and verified by NASA

NASA paper: Global warming is probably still occurring, even though we can’t explain why it isn’t.

Last week: NASA validates ‘impossible’ space drive”. 

Today, scientists debunk NASA’s validation of the invalidation of the laws of physics.

It’s interesting that NASA is perfectly willing to accept the possibility of a perpetual motion machine, despite all scientific evidence proving it’s impossible, yet clings ferociously to a brand new theory of global warming, invented just thirty years ago, in the face of ever-increasing contradictory evidence.

Even government scientists can figure out which side their bread is buttered on.


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3 responses to “NASA and settled science

  1. AJ

    One part horseshit, one part bullshit. Don’t you hate mixed messages?

  2. Publius

    Worth the time to read. Trigger warning: you have to have a functioning brain to comprehend…. 3,2,1…..