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Anyone seen my windsurfer?

Anyone seen my windsurfer?

The US has abandoned the Kurds, our only true allies in Iraq, to ISIS.

Another day, another Middle Eastern defeat. On Sunday the Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham, or ISIS, ousted Kurdish forces from three towns in northern Iraq and laid siege to the country’s largest dam. The question now is whether the Obama Administration will abandon our long-time Kurdish allies as they battle the jihadist army.

ISIS is now slaughtering all minorities in Iraq. “Even Genghis Kahn didn’t do this”.

Today, NATO reported that Russia is massing troops on the Ukrainian border.

Where is our Secretary of State these days? On Nantucket, riding a pink bicycle. God knows where “the smartest man in the room” is, but then again, who cares?*


* I shouldn’t have bothered looking it up. Turns out he’s getting ready for his own vacation on Martha’s Vineyard next week by dining out at Fiola Mare, one of DC’s restaurants for the 1%.

UPDATE: Reader Monody provides this commentary from Iowahawk:

Democrats gather in New York to protest ISIS genocide

Demonstrators gather in New York to protest ISIS genocide


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8 responses to “Smart Diplomacy™

  1. Monody


  2. Anonymous Citizenette

    Surely a man who can ride a bike with one hand possesses all the skills necessary to bring a speedy and equitable end to all this petty middle eastern strife!

    Question for you….. who sucked more at this job, this village idiot or hillary? But then again, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE

    • anon

      The difference is the Hillary thinks she is without fault. To prove it, she just signed a two year lease for office space on 45th street, 4000sf, in a building owned by a known Dem donor. That says to me, Hillary is banking on the answer to your question being her and for that you will anoint her next president.

  3. the Russians, somehow, don’t take Barry seriously:

  4. Just bad tenants

    The people in the Middle East just sound like bad tenants. We help feed them, support them, and they still tear up the place. Time to evict them and find new tenants. That is our philosophy.