The next champion of the 99%


But will there be room for NBC's $600,00-per-year ace reporter?

But will there be room for NBC’s $600,00-per-year ace reporter?

Bill and Hillary have rented a vacation spot in the Hamptons for the last three weeks of August, for $100,000. “We gave up the first week,” Hillary explained to FWIW, “to show our solidarity with the middle class, many of whom won’t be able to take a full month vacation themselves  this year.”

It’s awesome to reflect that Bill and Hillary are the first of American royals to have made themselves multi, multi-millionaires by doing nothing except cash in on his service as president. They’re the first, but certainly not the last; barring an executive order extending his reign, Barry and his wife will be hitting the lecture circuit in 2017.


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13 responses to “The next champion of the 99%

  1. AJ

    Love that photo. She looks like someone who just accidentally sat on a door knob. Yikes!

  2. anon

    But don’t think the whole vacation is sitting on the beach. The Clinton invasion brings out the BIG Dem fundraising guns, like , wait, it’s huge, Jon Corzine. Invite says Jon and Sharon; did this crook marry the babe for whom he bought a cheaters apartment?

  3. Anonymous

    she is just so heinous

  4. Hillary also had the 1 in Ten Trillion return on cattle futures back in AR.

    That still has never been explained.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      As someone once explained the trick to me, it was done on mirrored trades. Puts and Buys. She took the winning transaction, her brokerage took the losing trade.

  5. Walt

    Dude –

    Well it certainly looks like the rich Jews – now that’s redundant – are out in full support of Hillary.

    Nedich? Eisenhofer? Wasserstein? CORZINE?? He must be a WOP Jew, Dude, because he ran Goldman Sachs. No way a non tribesman does that.


    And Ashley Judd. Now I don’t believe she is a Jew, Dude. But with these actor types, who knows? She may be into that Kabbalah crap, like Madonna, who thinks she is a Jew. Madonna is as Jewish as the Pope.

    Anyhows again, Ashley is also described as an “activist”. What exactly is an “activist” Dude? A washed up actress, who has no reason to be given a bully pulpit, who is dumb as a rock, but can help raise money so people actually pay attention to them? Is being described as an “activist” a good thing? Or is like being called a “professional real estate agent”? I hope you can clarify.

    And Chelsae isn’t as ugly as she was as a kid, but she sure is a butter-face.
    Your Pal,

    • Maitre d'Oyer et Termine

      Marsha Riklis too!!! Meshulam’s youngest daughter in first marriage. Where is that pixie Pia Zadora today? Marsha was what, 27, when daddy married Pia at 23? Cool DUDE.

  6. rivman

    Many of the other “royals” weren’t young enough. However, every politician today cashes out when they leave office as lobbyists and speakers.

  7. Publius

    In science terminology the photo captures an example of a bad gene pool

  8. franko

    Did anyone else think of Wallace and Gromit (Scroll down to the last picture)?