Barbieri rides again

1068 Lake Avenue

1068 Lake Avenue

Not content to sell off most of the available Greenwich waterfront the past two weeks, Joe Barbieri has found a buyer for his own listing at 1068 Lake Avenue, last price, $4.175, a house that has been for sale since March, 2008 when, under a different broker, it came on at $7.380 million. This huge house: 12,650 sq.ft., on 4 acres, is quite nice, in its own way, but its location on the New York border has always detracted from its charms, and pricing it above $7 million for so long didn’t help at all. Before Joe, the price had dropped to $4.799 where it expired, unsold, in November of last year. I don’t know whether the owner finally got tired of the game or if Joe brought him to reason, but the new price obviously worked to overcome the twin obstacles of size and location.

If you’re curious, the owner paid $4.980 for this in 2000 and, after taking out a full 100% mortgage, according to the tax card, added another $814,250 mortgage in 2006. If that second mortgage went into improvements, this will definitely not go down as one of the great Greenwich real estate “investments” of all time.

"Sitting Pretty" Joe shows off his softer, more feminine side, the key to his success

“Sitting Pretty”
Joe shows off his softer, more feminine side, the key to his success

Either way, Joe didn’t sell it to the owner back then, but by finding his own buyer now, he’ll earn a double commission. Just in case you don’t see him around the rest of the summer, and wonder why.



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12 responses to “Barbieri rides again

  1. Anonymous

    That Joe….is a force.

    Has he hit the billion mark yet in his career?

  2. anon

    Joe deserves more than a commission for selling that interesting home. 1988 hasn’t left the premises.

  3. Anonymous

    Love the CRT computer monitor.

    I wonder if he uses WebTV or dial-up modem?

  4. Walt

    Dude –

    Do I sense a little “professional” envy on your part of this Ken N. Barbie dude? About his success with pushing the dirt? Moving the mud? Hawking the house?

    Have you considered. HAVE YOU CONSIDERED!! That maybe, just MAYBE Mr. Ken N. Barbie actually WORKS AT IT!! He isn’t out fishing, or dicking around on the internet surfing Jap school girl porn, but he actually MAKES AN EFFORT!!

    And he didn’t have to share the commish? Split the vig? Half the baby? If my calculations are correct, he made approximately $1,091,000 on this one deal alone. After taxes, and not counting the silverware he stole at the open house. For that much scratch, he could buy Barbie real genitalia. And then she would actually be fun to play with!!

    Any chance he has a blog? Could you send me the link? It would be nice to have successful, talented friends.

    Just fucking with you DUDE!! You TOOL!!
    Brunch tomorrow?

    Your Pal,

    • Hey, I’m not envious, I’m in awe. I figure Joe’s sold $1,177,000,000 in real estate already this year, and it’s barely August. And as you note, that doesn’t include the silver, art work and watches he’s swiped along the way.

      The only thing in common between Joe and I, besides our friendship, is our taste for inflatable dolls instead of live, nagging women. Next time we bring our dates together, we’ll invite you over.

  5. Anonymous

    Preposition takes objective case pronoun,ie me