Works for me


Watch it, that crazy N...means it!

Watch it, that crazy N…means it!

Russia bans food imports from the West in retaliation for sanctions. I’m always in favor of hunger strikes when they’re done by terrorists or liberals.


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11 responses to “Works for me

  1. rivman

    “ooooh, he means it, he means it”
    That film was classic in stretching the boundaries of comedy with the great Clevon Little, Madelline Kahn, Slim Pickens…. Frankie Laine’s singing.
    Unfortunately it seems only cartoons such as family guy and the simpsons can get away with being politically incorrect.

  2. Flash

    Here’s what we export to Russia, say 11billion

    Here’s our imports, 16 billion in oil alone, not to mention nuclear stuff

  3. Fred2

    More seriously, this actually has some effect on the food producers in Europe.

    And seriously Russia could shut off the gas,and basically crash Europe’s Economy.

    This is Russia equivalent of opening the gun ports, and going, “really? You WANT to play this game?”

  4. Anonymous

    We’ll take the N—–s and the C—-s, but we don’t want the Irish.

    • anon2

      I must be suffering from Low Caffeine Intake Syndrome today. I can not for the life of me figure out the N or the C in your Fill in the Blank game.

  5. towny

    Obama approval rating: 37%
    Putin approval rating : 87%

    See Fred2 above.

    • anonamoo

      Poor Obama. Bombing Iraq to save Chr-Chr-Christians. Oh how he must hate that. CNN can’t make themselves say Christian, it’s only the “religious minority”. Fox says Christian. Haven’t heard MSNBC on the subject yet. Fortunately for Our Man O, he can put aside all his worries when he, Michelle, the two dogs, board separate plans and fly to the Vineyard. Then, and only then, will life be good for him. [small violin playing]