For an empty presidency, an empty photo-op

White House "press corp" obeys orders to film their leader"working"

Scrambling for a glimpse of Barry pretending to work

Remember when Obama blamed his difficulties on the failure of the White House scribes press corp to “get the story out?” (that was before he decided to just blame everything wrong in the world on George Bush). Well today, just before he headed for his well-deserved rest and golf trip to the Vineyard, Obama’s team posed him at his desk; jacket on, feet off his desk, holding a telephone to his ear, and brought the press pool to the window so they could take a picture of him “working”. 

Keith Koffler, White House Dossier:

There seems to be an effort afoot at the White House to demonstrate to the world that President Obama, who has now been getting flack even from the mainstream press for being disengaged – me and you have been wondering where he’s been for some time – in fact DOES SHOW UP FOR WORK.

In the strangest “pool spray” I’ve ever seen, the pool reporters were escorted to the windows of the Oval Office to bear witness to the fact that the president is on the phone.

Koffler adds this vignette:

And while I previously thought Obama was going to return from Martha’s Vineyard for a couple of days of “meetings” – before returning to his vacation – because something serious was going on, I’m now thinking nothing serious is going on at all!

During Thursday’s White House briefing, CBS correspondent Mark Knoller raised the possibility with White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest that that Obama’s White House stop might have something to do with skepticism about the wisdom of taking a two week vacation while the world is falling apart:

KNOLLER:  Josh, you said you couldn’t say who President Obama would be meeting with when he returns during the middle of his Martha’s Vineyard trip.  Can you say what the subjects of those meetings might be?

MR. EARNEST:  I can’t at this point, but you can check back next week and we’ll see if we can provide you some additional insight into those meetings.

KNOLLER:  Does he just want to meet with somebody?  (Laughter.)

MR. EARNEST:  Presumably if he just wanted to meet with somebody he could probably find people in Martha’s Vineyard who would meet with him.  But this is an opportunity for the President to meet with some of his White House staff who will be remaining in Washington, and it will be an opportunity for him to consult with them in person.

KNOLLER:  Does it address or reflect a sensitivity about the optics of a two-week vacation?

MR. EARNEST:  It does not.  There have been questions raised by some of our critics about the optics of two- and three-day travel.

I would assume that Earnest is not saying whom Obama will be meeting with because neither he nor Obama have any idea whom he will be meeting with.

But as Knoller put, he will be meeting with somebody.


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12 responses to “For an empty presidency, an empty photo-op

  1. anonamoo

    Chris R and/or Cobra: do your search thing, please. I saw some hysterical memes floating around yesterday with this photo.

  2. Dollar Bill

    Mike Huckabee on Fox — where else? – is demanding that Obama cancel his vacation and personally deliver arms to the Kurds because we’re fighting savages who are beheading babies. Shades of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and the bogus incubator story?

    Hide your own children in the basement because they’re coming to kill us all in our beds. We need to fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here.

    It doesn’t have to make sense.

    • anonamoo

      Everyone knows Huckabee doesn’t know squat. Pick a real person who doesn’t agree with you. Maybe a retired general or major. What would you say if Elizabeth Warren supports Obama’s decision to continuing bombing? And other Dems are saying Hey, Obama may not actually have won the war in Iraq after all. Uh oh. I am sure Hillary is frantically pacing on the shores of her Hampton pad thinking what should I say? What effect will my comments have on the 2016 bid?
      Meanwhile, within a half hour of landing on MV, Obama is already on the links. He’s obviously got this Kurds thing solved. I feel so much better.

      • anon2

        Not quite right moo. Princess Warren was more tepid in her support of Obama’s bombings. She really wants Obama to start negotiations with ISIS because she understands the enemy. Perhaps she, like Kerry, wants the terrorists to meet us half way. God help us all

    • If he had to make sense, you’d never have voted for him (twice), no?

      • Yos

        Perhaps about as much sense as Dullard’s having run as a Demo in G’wich. (Talk about empty suits…)

        The Yazidi Kurds are about to face extermination – every man, woman and child. Their blood is on the hands of this Administration and it’s enablers.

        Weakness and stupidity are provocative. …And our Zero in Chief is quickly becoming the modern exemplar of both.

    • Maître d'Oyer et Termine

      Sell your house yet?

      • It did sell, and I reported it when it did, but I kept his anonymity to protect the guilty. Did you know that he voted against Farricker as Greenwich Democratic Party head because of Frank’s “association” with a scurrilous libertarian like me? That, for years, he demanded that Frank “fire” me (hard to do to an independent contractor, but DB’s knowledge of law is as profound as his grasp of history)?

        That says all you need to know about the left and its plans for tolerance of dissent in their new world order. Fight them to the death.

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    Theatre of the Absurd