How can you tell a “progressive” politician?

There's a bright, new law on the horizon ....

There’s a bright, new law on the horizon ….

When his response to every tragic incident is to propose a new law, as Drew Marzullo has in the aftermath of this week’s awful boating death of a beautiful young girl.

As a father going through something similar with his own son, I’m pretty sure I can understand and feel the heartbreak of her parents, but I don’t believe that the world can be perfect if only we had enough laws and regulations. Progressives do – that’s why they call themselves progressives – they think they’re progressing towards perfection on earth.

Politics and horrific tragedy should not really be combined, so I’ll quit now, but Marzullo’s proposal (enthusiastically joined by state rep Freddy Camillo) that no one under 18 be permitted to operate a boat except under adult supervision would bar all kids from fishing, serving on sailing regattas and just spending time on the water, thus prolonging their infantilization, a phenomenon already too prevalent in our society.

Parents can, and should decide when their child is mature enough to operate a boat, not bureaucrats. Boating accidents will continue to happen, regardless, because bad things happen in this mortal world, but the knee-jerk reaction of Marzullo and his ilk is as ill-advised as it is predictable.


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  1. Libertarian Advocate

    Marzullo and Camillo: this ain’t rocket science, terrible accidents do happen. Best way to prevent this particular type of accident going forward is to require boat propeller cages. Super simple solution. Google it!

    • First they’ll pass a law requiring it on all boats, then when the next deadly collision occurs between two boats occurs, and it inevitably will, they’ll mandate airbags on hulls and finally, when someone still manages to die, they’ll repeal the law of mortality.

  2. Optimist sailing begins formally at 8.
    Ends at 16 for competition world wide, 10’s of thousands sail.
    Empowering each child as to pay attention and or realize the results of your efforts or lack thereof.
    To be banned?
    Prop sheild is a real solution for all ages…..

  3. Cos Cobber

    What we need are more laws to push kids indoors so they are confined to just watching tv.

  4. Walt

    Dude –

    Progressive politicians – in fact all politicians – latch onto tragedies like this for two reasons. First – it gets them in the papers, and paints them as being concerned about the citizens they pretend to represent. Penultimately – since they can’t actually solve the problems they are supposed to, this makes it look like they are actually doing something. And the progressives are the best at it. They sicken me. Their ENTIRE LOGIC, to the extent they have any, is fatally flawed.

    This was a tragic accident. No one disputes that. But all the laws in the world won’t stop accidents. If they are so concerned about the death of the young, why not ban them from serving in the military? From now on, only 70+ year olds can serve. LEGISLATE THAT LEE MAZZILLI!! And by supporting THAT are you an old person hater?

    YOU BIGOT!!! Not you Dude. Lee Mazzilli. You moron. That one was meant for you, Dude.

    I agree on your points that this just limits responsible 16 year olds from having fun. But that is a solid plank in the Libtard agenda. They HATE FUN!! Only words they deem acceptable can be used. Political correctness above all else, which is merely disguised censorship. We are all the same, but we need diversity. They want to tell us what we eat, what we wear and what we say. They want a dull, drab world of grey, where everyone conforms to their rules. And those who dissent are haters.

    They are an intolerant, boorish little bunch of do nothings, with no sense of humor. Why doesn’t Lee focus on what he was elected to do? BECAUSE HE CAN’T FIX IT!!


    That is your job Lee. Why not focus on THAT, instead of going for cheap headlines on the back of a horrible tragedy?

    Your Pal,

  5. Al Dente

    Stupidity transcends age. Every day grown men and women maneuver cars and boats into spectacular collisions.

    Here’s a law we need: gun control for terrorists. Pass local ordinances banning ISIS and Hamas hoodlums from owning guns and the violence will stop!

  6. Just_looking

    Same goes for that NC parent that left his kid in the car all day. No new laws needed but they are trying to come up with some.

  7. Angry_and_Disgusted

    That’s bad enough, but something else is happening here that is much, much worse.

    The real issue is that Drew “It’s All About Me” Marzullo is using a horrific tragedy to manufacture front page news about how noble and sensitive and caring he is in order to further his political career. Utterly and unspeakably despicable. He should resign from office, now.

  8. Peg

    What we need is a culture that allows children to learn more on their own while they are growing up – without constant, moment by moment control and overseeing by adults. Without this, they never are able to develop the skills and judgement to be better equipped to avoid terrible accidents. Today’s “cocoon world” makes it more difficult for that to occur.

    Of course, all that being said, the world can be a nasty, brutish place and virtually all of us can find ourselves involved in a tragedy. Those who think we can pass laws to perfect life are ……… idiots (even if well meaning idiots).

  9. AJ

    Tubing can be dangerous: it’s not unusual for those thing to fly up high in the air then violently crash into the water killing the riders. Plenty of crash videos on YouTube.

    Shopping for BB guns in Walmart can also get you killed.

    ‘Walmart Shopper Shot Dead by Cops After Picking Up BB Gun
    Innocent bystander also dies following incident’

  10. Art Layton

    I have a suggestion; eliminate all regulations over who can use a power boat. We will be safer then?

    • Walt

      You dumb little ignorant twat. NO ONE IS SAYING THAT!!

      And you use the typical Libtard moronic strategy of taking it to the extreme. They use EVERY opportunity to enact more legislation which infringes on freedom. As the gay black Jew ballerina Rahm Emanuel said, “Never let a crisis go to waste”. These people are opportunists who use any tragedy to advance their socialist agenda. WITH NO CONCERN FOR THE PEOPLE. It is all a disgusting little act.

      Did you even read the article, you little cretin? Here is what it says:

      “Under state law, there is no age requirement to obtain Safe Boating Certification — the Connecticut equivalent of a boating license. Certification requires eight hours of classroom instruction, navigating a boating course and passing a written exam. When boating, certified operators under the age of 16 must be accompanied by someone 18 or older who has been certified for at least two years”.

      That seems like a reasonable set of rules to me. But by your “logic”, let’s ban all boating. And cars. Gun’s go without saying. And let’s kill all the dogs, because they bite people. And do away with electricity, because someone may be dumb enough to try and stick their dick in an outlet. DON’T TRY THAT DUDE!!

      And I want mandatory parental training. We let too many morons spawn future morons. And I want all rooms to be rubber, so the retards stop running into walls and hurting themselves.

      What else? I want fireplaces banned as you could burn the house down. I want all houses built on slabs, one story, so you can’t fall down the steps. I want rap banned because they use dirty words. Not really, I am just not a fan, so let’s just get rid of it. Give me a break with your MORE RULES ARE ALWAYS BETTER. It just isn’t true.

      How about instead? HOW ABOUT INSTEAD!! We focus on the REAL issues. CARE GIVER INVOLVEMENT!! Teach your children responsibility. And lets address the problems in the black community, where 75% – THAT’S SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT!! – of children are born out of wedlock. YES I SAID IT!! And it’s true.

      Then. THEN!! Let’s improve the educational system. Hold teachers accountable. Do away with Teachers Unions and tenure. Let me see one Libtard support that, where they throw unconditional support, AND TAXPAYER DOLLARS at a corrupt, broken system, in exchange for their votes. IT’S A DISGRACE AND SHOULD BE CRIMINAL!! And then teach these kids right from wrong, responsibilities, values, and maybe even how to read and do gazzinta’s. AND PEOPLE WILL STILL DIE IN TRAGIC ACCIDENTS. That unfortunately, is just reality.

      Anyhows. ANYHOWS!! I think that would do a LOT more to protect these kids than more ridiculous regulations which punish those who do right. And my arguments on gun legislation are the same.

      IPSO FACTO!!

      • Lemonlulu

        I couldn’t have said it better myself. truly no where near but if I could write like you then you took the words out of my mouth. And Marzullo doesn’t have kids can’t have kids because he like men and has no clue how hard it is to raise them with freedom but safety too. As a parent you’re damed if you do and damned if you don’t. He’s a menace to this town and so is Art Layton.

      • Art Layton

        Wow! And racial insults, too.

        • Walt

          Help me understand your ignorant Libtard thinking. ART!!

          What comment did I make that was racist? I referred to you as a “dumb, ignorant little twat”. None of those adjectives have anything whatsoever to do with race. So that can’t be it. Right? You dumb, ignorant little twat.

          So where is the racism? Could it be my reference to Rahm as “the gay black Jew ballerina”? What is racist about that? It is all factual, and the only word dealing with race is “black”. Is calling someone black racist? Why? That is news to me. You dumb ignorant little twat.

          Perhaps. PERHAPS!! It is my pointing out the factually correct statistic that 75% of black children are born out of wedlock? Is that it? The problem Libtards don’t want to address? A DRIVING FACTOR BEHIND GUN CRIME!! Is that it ART!! Well that is not racist!! You guilt ridden, denying, dumb, ignorant little twat.

          Again, your ideology is moronic, and when challenged, you resort to calling those who disagree “racist”. It is the only tactic you have left. And it shows you to be the dumb, ignorant little twat that you are.

          So it ain’t working ART!! You dumb, ignorant little twat.

          And that is Voir dire. And also a fortiori. I leave the Actori incumbit probatio
          up to you. Surde, ignorant paulo twat.
          IPSO FACTO!!

          • Toonces

            Walt states: *75% of black children are born out of wedlock? Is that it? The problem Libtards don’t want to address? A DRIVING FACTOR BEHIND GUN CRIME!*
            I was just reading last night that 1 in 3 African Americans has been convicted of a crime. THAT is the direct result of the 75% statistic Walt mentions above. Why is it racist to talk about this?

  11. If it will save one life ….

  12. it is a target-rich environment out there for the progressive mindset:

  13. A couple of points….
    Marzullo when asked by a reporter at a news conference he clearly states this is not the right time to be talking about any type of state regulation change. When pressed on the issue he then said he thinks it would be a good idea that CT “state reps” examine boating regulations for possible improvement. Possible ( the key word ) He suggested strongly some sort of protective device be placed near or around the rutter.

    Camilo who is by far a proactive legislature who cares deeply about this town also stated when appropriate regulations may warrant examination.

    Dave Theis on WGCG talks about a review as well.

    And Floren too.

    So to imply that anyone one of them want to ban boating for “some ” is simply not true.

    • To say that their knee-jerk, compulsive response to tragic stimuli is to pass a new law, however, is very much “simply true”.
      UPDATE: Re-reading the article, I see that you have in fact invented facts: here’s what Marzullo wrote to the town’s state legislature members (and released to the press, surprise surprise):

      “On the heels of (Wednesday’s) accident, I propose that Connecticut state legislators examine the state boating statutes and bring them in line with current State requirements for obtaining a motor vehicle driver’s license.

      “A boat powered by an engine can be just as dangerous as a car, if not more so because of the risk of drowning or being thrown overboard during a crash,” he added.

      I see no mention of restraint while at least waiting for the girl to be buried, or a suggestion that we pause before we bring state boating laws “in line with current state requirements for obtaining a motor vehicle license”.

      Drew’s a nice guy, but as a politician, he’s a (knee) jerk.

      • Chris,
        Passing a law that requires some sort of protection around a “rutter” is smart and responsible legislation. Marzullo many years ago advocated for such ( I am trying to find actual quote .) Both Marzullo and Camilo have stated in multiple papers about timing and this is not the “right” time. But they want this revisited. This is not about taking away rights of boaters and you know it. I’m very much a conservative ( who only voted for a DEM once ) and have three young kids. I boat often and applaud them for trying to somehow make the “rutter” a more safe area. I don’t know Fred and Drew well but I will say they both are in this political arena for the right reasons.

        • Longtime: there are between 200 -250 non-fatal boat propellor accidents each year, nationally, and 25-35 fatalities. . There are millions of powerboats, used for fishing, hunting, commercial work, recreational speed boating and water skiing and tubing.
          Propellor guards are commercially available, and can be purchased and installed by any boat owner concerned about the safety of his passengers. You and your political friends would have the state, in its wisdom, override the personal decisions of millions of boaters and force them to install a device that will effect the performance and balance of their craft in order to lessen the consequences of fewer than 300 accidents per year.

          I’m willing to bet that the average boat owner knows more about boats than the average state legislator but even if not, a “conservative” should resist the idea that government has a role in deciding what’s best for an individual, and a practical man would look at the results of our legislature’s laws and reach the same conclusion.

          Besides all that, you’re changing the subject: Drew and Freddy were howling about supplanting the role of parents and having the Hartford Yahoos (that would include Fred) restrict the rights of teenagers to drive boats – no mention of propellor guards was made in Drew’s press release, so don’t give him any more bright ideas, would you?

      • He might be knee jerk but he is as sincere as it gets. His intentions are good.

        • I’ll agree with that, but as I’ve noted here before, repeatedly, that’s the standard liberal excuse for every single one of their failures, from the War on Poverty to Head Start to Obamacare: “but our intentions were good!” Intentions are insufficient to justify bad ideas.

        • TheBox

          “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”
          -C.S. Lewis

      • Chris,
        I have to now chime in. So yesterday ( last night actually ) I run into Marzullo at CVS ( I know him but not well .). I asked him how he was and about him contacting state reps. He talked only about the victim and the 3

        other girls involved. He can’t fathem what pain this must be causing all involved. His body language was telling. He made no mention of legisalstin ( and I asked him .)
        I then find out he was one of many that responded to the accident ( I assume in his role on the ambulance .) So maybe the guy is a little taken back. And maybe Marzullo “came out” ( no pun intended ) a little bit fast but I give him a pass on this one. He seems to be sick over what happened.

      • Chris,
        While Marzullo might have spoken to soon ( I don’t agree ) to imply he does not “care” about the victim, victims family or the other young girls is simply not try. Have you met the guy? He’s unbelievably kind, respectful and OK I will admit at times a bit emotional. But he’s sincere. And from what I am told profoundly sad for the families. He is that type of person. Get to know him.

    • anonamoo

      If Marzullo were a man of honor, when asked and pressed, he would repeat, this is not a time to be talking about anything while a family is grieving. Period. Amen.

      • Too late for that – he’d already composed his letter and released it to the press, precisely so reporters would be aware of his profound concern and would “ask and press.” Methinks Drew is angling for higher office.

        • Chris,
          The e mail he composed to the state delegation wasn’t released by him. That is a fact.

        • anonamoo

          the most insensitive aspect of this knee-jerk reaction is that Drew is not taking into consideration the absolute emotional devastation the family of the young girl manning the boat is feeling. it’s awful enough that one girl is dead but how can the young girl at the helm go forward, how can she find a way to heal, how can she seek the forgiveness of the parents of Emily if she is the focal point of a stupid law?

      • Toonces

        Amen Moo. I do think Marzullo just wants to help. He needs some friend or adviser to explain to him that it is not appropriate to bring up politics now.

        • I’m a friend of Marzullo and will call him now. And because I know him I can honestly say without hesitation he didn’t do this for politics. I did talk to him that night and all he kept saying is pain the families must be feeling must be unimaginable. I really do believe he thinks if age requirements needs looking into or protective devices need to be mandatory he does so because maybe just maybe it might save a life ( I have reservations myself but that’s not the way Drew thinks .) And if his comments has caused any undue pain to all families involved he will be equally upset. Maybe that’s why nothing else has been mentioned by him. I also want to mention when I spoke to him he only talked of the families, young girls and victim. He was devested. I know he been a medic for a long time but something about this tragedy affected him so maybe he did speak out a bit to soon but he did so with good intentions. That I’m for sure.
          I call him now.

          • I think Drew is a wonderful human being and I agree – he didn’t do this for some sort of political advantage. Where I disagree with Drew is his automatic assumption that, if something is wrong in the world, a better law will fix it.

          • Anonymous

            As a parent i would not allow my child to go out in a boat with 3 other teens. I just would not. So maybe the answer is not more laws, but parents making sure their kids know how to behave around dangerous equipment ,whether it be a boat, a car or a swimming pool. There is danger in the world. You cannot legislate it away.

        • anonamoo

          @my opinion: while your comments is an extraordinary sentiment and vouching for your friend, and while Drew (and all first responders) must be feeling the scars of trying in vain to save a life, you can’t take back the insanity of even addressing the issue. It was a mistake and his people would do him well by saying he regrets making any comment.

        • anon2

          to anonymous at 1:56. That is your right certainly, but many of us were raised to be behind the wheel of boats, tractors, cars, and other moving vehicles before we were knee high to the corn in Kansas. I personally believe that the younger you teach children to be responsible boaters, drivers, gun users, the more likely it is they will take that responsibility very seriously. But, as I said, it is your right as a parent to refuse your children to get in a boat with mine. But to legislate such?

          • Anonymous at 1:56

            I was not clear. I don’t believe laws are the answer. I agree with you anon2 and certainly if I knew your kids and knew they were responsible I’d let my child in a boat with them. I was just talking about teaching kids proper use of boats,cars, scooters,guns, pools, you name it. It all requires supervision and awareness on the part of parents.

          • Absolutely. But Marzullo and Camillo don’t feel that parents can be entrusted with that task, and so they’d like the government to take away that power and make the decision instead. And like any good nanny, their “decision” is to simply forbid any minor from engaging in whatever activity the politicians deem dangerous. One sledge hammer fits all, in the Progressive’s world.

    • Who’s missing from your above list… First Selectman “I have no opinion ”
      Tesei. In a couple of weeks he will opine when he gets a feel how and where the public is on “this” then he will change his mind at least 2 times. I can write the script. He does make sure his picture is plastered all over the papers and TV. Says nothing but that doesn’t matter.

  14. I’m voting for Camillo this November once again and I’m a Democrat. The guy is honest and compassionate. Don’t agree with him always but that’s OK. A politican that actually gives a shit is rare.

  15. This just in……
    From From Second Selectman Dave Theis
    “What boat accident???”

    “The Syngague on Orchard can’t be built! “

    • housecat

      Yes, we are all very well informed re: your opinion on the “syngague” (or is it “synagauge”, I forget.) Thanks for using this opportunity to enlighten us yet again. Why focus on the horrible tragedy at tod’s point, the young life lost, or even the related post above?

  16. I too applaud Fred Camillo! He has been an amazing Rep. who has gotten things done. He will look at boat legislation and twek if necessary. Not rewrite law. Not change law. But improve law if it helps save lives. Please stop misrepresenting him. It’s not only disingenuous but its also non factual.

  17. The Box, and CS Lewis, hit it outta the park………
    Chris is right, the libtards exploit any event to write laws constraining your freedom, and more laws ONLY MAKE THINGS WORSE.
    So the libtards would have us all drive 55 mph if they could. Or maybe 45 mph.
    Soon these fools will recognize that exposure to the sun can cause cancer, and they will compel everyone to stay inside, while outlawing convertibles……

    • anonymous

      Heh. Prophetic statement about libs and speed limit Balzac. Today, the illustrious mob king Andrew Cuomo had a show and tell event where he praised the all new 25mph limit in certain parts of the city. Has HE ever tried to go as slow as 25? It’s almost impossible to go that slow and not get run over. Stupid is as stupid lib does.

    • AJ

      Exposure, aka being out in the sun, is good for you. Don’t let them turn you into a Morlock, Balzac.

  18. Anon also

    I agree with exposure too, and while sunscreen is good, blocking UVA will inhibit vitamin D absorption.

  19. Art Layton

    ” gay black Jew ballerina Rahm Emanuel “?

    • Walt

      Art. Art. ART!! You dumb little ignorant twat.

      Again, you have no facts behind your statement. The typical libtard way.

      Just make shit up, and shout it enough, and people will believe it. Or so you hope. And if they don’t agree with your misguided point of view, backed by no facts, just call them a racist. Correct? Correct!!

      Do anything you can to move your progressive, anti-freedom agenda forward. Except honesty counts Art. At least to some of us still willing to stand up to your bullshit agenda. Which is why I call you a dumb little ignorant twat. It’s just what you are. It is not meant to be racist. It is just a fact. You dumb little ignorant twat.

      And what I said about Rahm is also a fact. So how is that racist? Is calling him a Jew racist, as you claim? HE IS A JEW!! And there is nothing wrong with that. I like the Jews. They invented the bagel and are funny as shit. What EXACTLY is your problem with them? What have YOU INVENTED? YOU ANTISEMITIC HATER!! You dumb little ignorant twat.

      And he was a ballerina. I am not making this up. Google it. You dumb little ignorant twat. Why do you hate the ballerinas? You uncouth racist. Ballerinas have couth, and skill, and when they get older, they make great strippers. You dumb little ignorant twat.

      And if you agree he was, IN FACT, a ballerina, do you doubt he is gay? How many straight male ballerinas do you know, ART!! You dumb little ignorant twat. Or straight male figure skaters, for that matter. How is that racist? It’s A FACT!!

      Do some research. Explore some facts. Then come back with a fact based argument to support your hollow argument that more restrictive laws, which take away our God Given freedoms, enacted by a bunch of inept, bureaucratic, corrupt, politicians, make us all safer.

      You are just plain wrong, Art. Accept it. You dumb little ignorant twat.

      We don’t need more rules and legislation enacted by a self-serving, elitist bunch of bureaucrats. We need a common sense society, who believes in individual freedom, and a sense of right and wrong. At least that is what I think. I think I am mature enough to know right from wrong, and don’t need a bureaucrat to establish it for me. I can handle it on my own. You obviously can’t. You dumb little ignorant twat.

      At least that is what I think.

      Did I also tell you I also think you are a dumb little ignorant twat?

      • Art Layton

        So that was meant as a compliment?

        • Walt

          Yes. YES!! Of course it was. I have no malice in my heart. I also have no racial bias against anyone. Except maybe the slums, when they act like seventh century cavemen, and are intolerant of different religions. And cut people’s heads off, or use kids as bombs. For some reason, I find that offensive.

          And maybe. AND MAYBE!! The “professional” real estate peddlers, who prey on the masses and add no value. They are the true vermin. No offense meant, Dude.

          Anyhows, I think we are all assholes, and feel it is important to point that out. Well maybe not me, but certainly you. Did you think otherwise? You dumb little ignorant twat.

          And more laws don’t make us safer ART!! That is what started this whole diatribe. I hope my impeccable logic has made you realize that. Otherwise, you remain a dumb little ignorant twat. And I call you that respectfully, with no malice or racial bias.

          I hope you now agree. You bigoted, dumb little ignorant twat.