The world’s going to hell in a hand basket? I’m outta here!

That was so yesterday

That was so yesterday

The fighting resumes in Gaza, Syria (remember Syria?), Libya, Ukraine, and, over in Iraq, hundreds of women have been taken by ISIS as slaves.  The latest poll shows 76% of Americans fear that their children will be worse off than they, and 61% think the country is on the wrong track,

So the Royal Family departs for the Vineyard today. “The President only interrupts his summer vacation; well alright, any vacation, for a real crisis, White House Supreme Counselor Valerie Jarrett told FWIW. “Like, you know, when he had to stick around to deal with the Democrat convention in 2012. He figures he’s still entitled to a twofer for that one.

“See you in September.”


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7 responses to “The world’s going to hell in a hand basket? I’m outta here!

  1. Libertarian Advocate

    Hehehehehe…. Tone-deaf SCoaMF

  2. Monody

    White House Dossier posted that Obama is returning to the WH mid-vacation, August 17-19. A very unusual move considering his disdain for the house, but one reader looked up the dates historically and found August 18 is the 120th anniversary of the Immigration Act. Ergo, most at WHD surmised he’s going to take his Bic and flick it to sign some amnesty executive order. The only other logical conclusion why Obama would give up daily MV golf is he’s the one for whom Beyoncé is leaving Jayz and they are going to see how many rooms in the WH they can do a little dance, make a little love, and get down tonight.

  3. Fred2

    Frankly i appreciate it when he’s away.. I suspect the White House runs better without his input.

  4. these guys are six years too late:

  5. sunbeam43

    Obama: “Vacation vs. people dying, hmmm, I need a vacation! This is too much for me to deal with!”

    • anonamoo

      the man has been on a mission the last few days, speaking more at a podium in a week then he has for two years. but sadly, what comes out of his mouth is yada yada – what he thinks his voting base wants him to say. No boots on the ground being the number one mantra. so even when a scenario presents itself that boots on the ground might make a difference, Obama wouldn’t entertain the idea because he’s too arrogant to admit he might be wrong.

  6. Krazy Kat

    Buy more guns. Buy more ammo. Buy more knives. Buy more storable food. Buy water purification equipment. Buy high grade flashlights and oil lanterns. Buy batteries and fuel. Buy fire-making tools. And learn how to use it all. And then keep your training fresh. And find like-minded people with whom you can pool resources and knowledge should, God forbid, the system as we know it today is interrupted, either temporarily or longer.