Is there no safe seat for the Democrats?


For Washington, and the American Trial Lawyers Association

For Washington, and for the American Trial Lawyers Association

Iowan Bruce Braley’s campaign  for senate is in jeopardy because “He Is A Litigious Idiot And His Wife Hates Chickens”

Democratic Iowa Senate candidate and current House member Bruce Braley has a vacation house on Holiday Lake, a resort community about 40 miles from Cedar Rapids.

This spring, Pauline Hampton, one of Braley’s Holiday Lake neighbors, stopped by his second home to offer a dozen fresh, organic eggs produced by her prize chickens.

That’s when things went horribly wrong, reports The Washington Post.

Braley’s wife, Carolyn, answered the door. According to Hampton, Carolyn Braley responded to the gracious egg offer by saying, “We aren’t going to accept your eggs — and we have filed a formal complaint against you.”

The threatening comment, it turned out, arose because Hampton’s chickens had previously rambled onto the Braleys’ coveted lake property. The Senate candidate and his wife did not like it. Not one bit.

Had either of the Braleys ever walked over to Hampton’s home to discuss their annoyance with the wandering chickens?

Of course not.

Turns out, Iowans don’t much cotton to people who sue their neighbors over chickens:

“[That’s] not neighborly,” said a fellow resident of the community.  “In Iowa, we are very well known for being friendly, and if one has a problem with another, we always talk to them face-to-face. This kind of floored me.”

Another neighbor, William Nagel, who sits on the homeowners association board, said, “Buddy, we’re here in Iowa. We talk like men here and we act like men. Usually, a man’s word is like gold. A handshake is a contract. Neighbors are neighbors, and if you’ve got a problem with your neighbor, you talk it out.”

Moronic behavior is not new to Braley.  As reported here last March, he was already digging himself a hole by appearing before the American Trial Lawyers Association convention (posed in front a bar, the contents of which he had apparently been sampling), dismissing “Iowa farmers” and touting himself as “someone who’s been fighting against tort reform for thirty years.”

Braley’s best hope probably lies in the fact that stupidity and avarice have rarely kept a candidate from public office, so all this may be just a testament to his qualifications to serve as Tom Harkin’s replacement.


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9 responses to “Is there no safe seat for the Democrats?

  1. Daniel

    I have 20 chickens and can tell you it is hard keeping them in your yard.

    • anon2

      Years ago, my dog killed four of a neighbors prized chickens that got out and strolled over to my yard. Pretty dumb chickens. I reimbursed the neighbor his loss, even though my dog was not off our property and merely thought to himself, food. Neighbor was thankfully pleasant.

    • Fred2

      Here’s the deal. Chicken’s in my yard and my dog kills them, too bad for you ( and the chickens). My dog gets into your yard and you shoot it for harassing the livestock, too bad for me – and the dog.

      On the other hand, it’d be neighborly to give me a warning and vice-versa first.

      This guy sounds like an jerk.

  2. AJ

    The Dems are opposed to lower oil prices because that would lead to increased use, and that would lead to more CO2. These people must be idiots.

    “A proposed pipeline from Canada to the United States may result in much higher greenhouse gas emissions than previously calculated as it could fuel greater oil consumption through higher production and lower prices, a study said Sunday. . . .”

  3. Yos

    Is there no safe seat? Funny, Bawney used to ask the same question.

  4. how much you wanna bet he supports the Dems open borders policy?
    still, there may be trouble brewing:

  5. Libertarian Advocate

    ATLA changed its name to the American Association for Justice
    in order to cloak the guilty. There are thousands of former employees of once prosperous small to medium businesses that bellied up after they received the AAJ treatment. Those laid off workers should travel down to DC to 777 6th Street, NW and have themselves a good old time street demonstration. “NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE” sounds like an appropriate chant slogan.