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Reveling in their misery or, schadenfreude on the boardwalk


Under water

Under water

Revel Casino in Atlantic City to close. Following closely behind Trump Casino. Mr. Trump, wisely, had only his name attached to “his” casino. Morgan Stanley investors have already lost a $billion on the Revel fiasco and now, two years after its opening, hedge funds are set to lose still more.

If these guys are the smartest guys in the room, how low, exactly, is that hurdle?


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Vermont, the West Virginia of the north


Honda Point, 1923

Honda Point, 1923

Police arrest three family members for D.U.I. as, one by one, each drives up to the same car wreck to check on the well being of the others.

A father and two sons in Vermont were all arrested for separate DUIs as a result of only a single-car crash as two members of the Woodward family were three times the legal limit, according to Vermont State Police.

The three members of the Woodward family — Nicholas, 19, Joshua, 22 and father Brian, 46 — were all arrested on the same day for showing up at staggered times while driving under the influence to the same original crash scene near Metcalf Pond Road on Saturday, the Burlington Free Press reports. The series of same-family DUI charges all occurred as each individual came to check on the previous person’s arrest along Cambridge Road.

According to state police, the Woodward family’s day of DUIs began when a Vermont Fish and Wildlife Game Warden found a single-car rollover crash around 7:50 p.m. Police brought to the scene determined that Joshua Woodward was the driver and his alcohol level was about three times the legal limit from the preliminary roadside breath test.

Shortly after Joshua’s crash, his younger brother Nicholas drove up to the scene to check on him and exited, allowing his father Brian, to slide over from the truck’s passenger seat to the driver’s seat and drive the vehicle closer to the wreck.

At that time, the game warden recognized that Brian Woodward was impaired and ordered him to stop and exit the vehicle right next to the scene of the original wreck. A preliminary breath sample found that Brian’s alcohol level was about three times the legal limit and that his odor was that of intoxicants.

As troopers were arresting his father, Nicholas was then observed drinking intoxicating beverages, according to police. Nicholas’ roadside tests and preliminary breath tests confirmed impairment and he was also arrested and sent to the St. Albans state police barracks for processing alongside his father.

Nicholas was cited for his second DUI in two weeks and his brother Joshua also received his second offense for a DUI in addition to facing a count of driving with a suspended license.


Naval history buffs will doubtless find this eerily similar to the 1923  Honda Point Disaster when 14 destroyers followed one another to disaster. 7 were wrecked, the fleet commander court martialed, but at least no alcohol was involved.


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Best concluding line of the day


Kepler vindicated

Kepler vindicated

Business Insider’s Dylan Love reports on final proof of Kepler’s hypothesis on the efficient stacking of spheres. 

Seventeenth century mathematician Johannes Kepler defined some basic rules for  how the planets move, and given his predilections for contemplating spheres, he suggested in 1611 that the most efficient way to stack spheres was in a pyramid formation.

But he was unable to prove it in a mathematically satisfactory way, and the idea remained unproven for 400 years. New Scientist reports that a scientist named Thomas Hales successfully confirmed Kepler’s hypothesis to be true this past Sunday with help from a computer.

Hales first proved it himself by hand in a 300-page paper in 1998, but his solution was only deemed 99% certain to be correct. Seeking that last 1% of certainty, he enlisted help from computers under what he called “The Flyspeck Project.” Two computer programs, Isabelle and HOL Light, went to work formally validating each of the steps in logic required to arrive at the conclusion that spheres are most efficiently arranged in a pyramid shape.

Sure, Hales is glad at having his hard work confirmed to be totally correct, but the real significance of the Flyspeck Project is that computers can do the tedious work of double-checking logical proofs while mathematicians are left to ponder their next great problems.

“This technology cuts the mathematical referees out of the verification process,” Hales told New Scientist. “Their opinion about the correctness of the proof no longer matters.”

All that is fascinating, of course, but here’s Mr. Love’s own contribution of genius:

Grocers around the world rejoice as they continue stacking oranges the way they always have.



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Anything will sell in Greenwich, at the right price


18 Porchuck Rd

18 Porchuck Rd

Ogilvy’s listing for 18 Porchuck Road, originally priced at $9.5 million in June, 2012, has been sold to another Ogilvy customer for $3.650.  A 1929 home on 8.75 acres bordered by the Merritt Parkway.


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While any member of the current administration would feel right at home there, Joey B is the lucky one


Heh heh heh heh heh

Heh heh heh heh heh

Biden rents Madoff co-conspirator and Greenwich resident Walter Noel’s Hampton digs.


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Full price Cos Cob sale, mid-country Greenwich price cut



11 Shannon Lane

11 Shannon Lane

11 Shannon Lane, Cos Cob, got it’s full asking price of $1.298 in about 40 days. Nothing exciting about the place, but Shannon is a nice street, the house is in good condition, and it’s in the North Street School district. Not surprising that it sold quickly.

One Ashton Drive

One Ashton Drive

One the other hand, One Ashton Drive is not selling quickly, and today it cut its price from $6.750 million to $6.495. Not a bad house if you admire this era architecture and size, but it sold in 2007, height of the market, for $5.125 million and the current listing makes no mention of renovations since, so why the original price of $6.750 or, for that matter, today’s? The listing offers an additional commission bonus if the house is sold before a given date but, to my mind, if an owner is in a hurry to sell, he’d be better off pricing his home realistically rather than encouraging gents to persuade their clients to py more than it’s worth.



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Everything old is new again

You didn't chew slowly!

You didn’t chew slowly!

“Experts”, 2014: chew your food 100 times. New “smart phone” counts your bites.

“The Great Masticator”, Horace Fletcher (1849-1919), “chew your food 100 times”.

Back in 1963, when I was a beatnik-in-training, I spent summers in Lowell, Vermont with Greenwich Village artists at their almost-abandoned old farm house, soaking up the atmosphere and culture.

Back then, they were into brown rice and other exotics, and advised my friend and me to chew our food 100 times in order to calm our chakras, or something. We were ten, and quickly grew too bored to practice that, so we said to hell with it, and went fishing.

If they’d let us try it on the peyote buttons they had shipped up by the crate from Mexico it might have been a different story, but alas, even beatniks had rules for children.


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They fly, we subsidize


It's good to be kinglet

It’s good to be kinglet

Erich Holder, his daughters and their dates fly up to catch the Belmont Stakes in Gulf Stream V. Cost, $14,900, split between the taxpayers – $14,000, and Mr.Holder – $900.

If Holder must, for security reasons, travel apart from the general public, he could have taken a private bus to New York for his holiday or, if he had to fly, a DC 10.

But that’s not how it’s done in the royal family.


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Texas is a carry state, they should have just shot her


And don't come back

And don’t come back

Mother files complaint after she’s ordered out of pizzeria for changing infant’s diaper on the table.

Manager Donny Lala, whose family owns the restaurant, says customers started complaining.

‘As soon as you start opening the diaper, people start complaining about the smell of the diaper,’ Lala manager. ‘Last thing I want is a customer throwing up.’

So Sowers’ order was brought out in to-go packaging and she was asked to leave.

Sowers has since filed a complaint with the better business bureau.



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Some PR guy is going to earn every penny of his salary today


Little Timmy Smith's mother shows off his rotting teeth

Little Timmy Smith’s mother shows off his rotting teeth

Claim: Colgate causes cancer.


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Potemkin village


Hey, I know,let's put on a show!

Hey, I know, let’s put on a show!

De Blasio orders police and emergency workers to drive around in sketchy neighborhoods with their lights flashing “to deter crime”. They’ll be paid overtime rates.

“It’s really a joke,” a disgusted ESU source said. “We sit in our truck all night driving around, listening to music.”

“City Hall is panicking,” he added, referring to a summer crime spike.

The latest statistics show that shooting incidents continued to increase last week compared to the same period in 2013.

The number of people shot jumped about 25 percent between July 15 and Aug. 10 compared to last year — climbing from 103 to 129.

NYC’s mayor has learned from his master in Washington; as conditions deteriorate, policies fail, engage in make-believe actions that make you look like you’re doing something meaningful.

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