Full price Cos Cob sale, mid-country Greenwich price cut



11 Shannon Lane

11 Shannon Lane

11 Shannon Lane, Cos Cob, got it’s full asking price of $1.298 in about 40 days. Nothing exciting about the place, but Shannon is a nice street, the house is in good condition, and it’s in the North Street School district. Not surprising that it sold quickly.

One Ashton Drive

One Ashton Drive

One the other hand, One Ashton Drive is not selling quickly, and today it cut its price from $6.750 million to $6.495. Not a bad house if you admire this era architecture and size, but it sold in 2007, height of the market, for $5.125 million and the current listing makes no mention of renovations since, so why the original price of $6.750 or, for that matter, today’s? The listing offers an additional commission bonus if the house is sold before a given date but, to my mind, if an owner is in a hurry to sell, he’d be better off pricing his home realistically rather than encouraging gents to persuade their clients to py more than it’s worth.



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10 responses to “Full price Cos Cob sale, mid-country Greenwich price cut

  1. Anonymous

    Is “First time on market in 38 years” broker-speak for, “This thing needs some serious upgrading/fixing?”

  2. One who knows

    This subdivision is on the old Godfrey Rockefeller property. It was done in 1986 and the house came after. So perhaps 28 years is closer to the truth.

  3. Anonymous

    It was probably the recent sale of the house across the street for 6.9mm that convinced them to ask 6.75mm for 1 Ashton.

  4. Buck Swope

    What is the deal with capitalization in the MLS descriptions? I can understand that perhaps years ago, the system didn’t support capitalization so everything was automatically in all caps. Now the system fully supports formatted text, yet the agent for Ashton Lane decided to capitalize every word (almost).

  5. Anonymous

    All caps adds $50 grand to asking in excitement alone.