Potemkin village


Hey, I know,let's put on a show!

Hey, I know, let’s put on a show!

De Blasio orders police and emergency workers to drive around in sketchy neighborhoods with their lights flashing “to deter crime”. They’ll be paid overtime rates.

“It’s really a joke,” a disgusted ESU source said. “We sit in our truck all night driving around, listening to music.”

“City Hall is panicking,” he added, referring to a summer crime spike.

The latest statistics show that shooting incidents continued to increase last week compared to the same period in 2013.

The number of people shot jumped about 25 percent between July 15 and Aug. 10 compared to last year — climbing from 103 to 129.

NYC’s mayor has learned from his master in Washington; as conditions deteriorate, policies fail, engage in make-believe actions that make you look like you’re doing something meaningful.

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  1. Krazy Kat

    Stop and frisk, “no broken windows” and increased neighborhood foot patrols, started under Dinkins and perfected under Gulliani, had a certain psychological deterrent effect. Like “there’s a new sheriff in town”, bad folk were less likely to be criminal if they though the odds of their getting caught and prosecuted were higher.

    Elect a new mayor who signals a “new sheriff is in town”, one less comfortable with policing and prosecuting, and what do you expect? Criminals may not be smart but that doesn’t make them stupid.