Texas is a carry state, they should have just shot her


And don't come back

And don’t come back

Mother files complaint after she’s ordered out of pizzeria for changing infant’s diaper on the table.

Manager Donny Lala, whose family owns the restaurant, says customers started complaining.

‘As soon as you start opening the diaper, people start complaining about the smell of the diaper,’ Lala manager. ‘Last thing I want is a customer throwing up.’

So Sowers’ order was brought out in to-go packaging and she was asked to leave.

Sowers has since filed a complaint with the better business bureau.



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7 responses to “Texas is a carry state, they should have just shot her

  1. Fred2

    I hope the BBB tells her to take her shit elsewhere

  2. housecat

    I can certainly understand her predicament, but the solution is to take the baby into the bathroom – always. (Or the back of the car, etc. – anywhere but the middle of a restaurant) Ugh..

  3. Al Dente

    But, it’s all about ME! ME! ME!
    How dare you inconvenience ME!

    That’s the world we live in.

  4. Joey

    I have seen worse. One time at a country club in a developing country I saw a mother (maybe maid) clean/rinse a dirty diaper in the pool and then put it back on the kid.

  5. Joey

    btw what is up with all of the New Yorkers at Tod’s Point. Last weekend there was almost no room and a third of the cars had NY plates. Also the music is getting so loud and the groups so large around the picnic area I am beginning to think pretty soon there will be fire eaters and acrobats coming soon. Is this what Leydon (AKA ambulance chaser and litigation lawyer for dog bites) had in mind for the city 15 years ago? Is listening to loud music in public part of a person’s first amendment rights? Perhaps the city should go for a re-trial.