He’s on it


Hey, whaddyagonnado?

Hey, whaddya gonna do?

Taking a brief break from his golf game Tuesday, President Obama spoke out about the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown.

“Heartbreaking”, the president said. “Michelle is grieving, and I’m pretty blue myself – I mean,  if I had a caddy who wasn’t a member of the Secret Service, he’d look like Michael. Fore!”


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17 responses to “He’s on it

  1. anonamoo

    Despicable. Obama refuses to ever acknowledge the hundreds of black on black deaths in Chicago yet once a white person shoots a black, Obama sends Holder and makes a statement.
    Where are his condolences or admonishment to the store owners whose property was looted, all by angry blacks. They took expensive sneakers, hair products, things they can’t buy on their SNAP cards. I’m repulsed by Obama’s continual race baiting. This is the same asshat president who barely said two words about the death of the two star general in Afghanistan.

    • Maitre d'Oyer et Terminer

      This is the same asshat president who barely said two words about the death of the two star general in Afghanistan.

      Maybe that was a HIT?

    • burningmadolf

      We don’t know if the officer is white?

      • anonamoo

        Are you kidding? Of course the officer is white. Why else would Holder stick his nose into this. The town PD isn’t releasing the name of the officer to the public (for sure his life is in jeopardy) but I guaranteeeeeeeeee you the PD was forced to answer the one and only question Holder had: what color is he? How and why the incident happened is irrelevant.

        • burningmadolf

          I know, but it hasn’t been confirmed.

        • anonamoo

          True, but I’m drawing conclusions that he’s white. Just like Obama and his henchmen drew conclusions that a dead unarmed black kid MUST have been killed by a white. The 15-minute of fame Twitter/on air MSNBC interview crowd all saw him. He be white.

  2. AJ

    Well, maybe if he had a caddy who wasn’t a member of the Secret Service, he’d look like Michael Brown. But if I had a bigger, wrinklier asshole, it would look and smell like Obama.

  3. anon

    Natch that Sharpton flew to Missouri yesterday to stoke the anger among blacks. Wanna bet he didn’t take a JetBlue flight?

  4. Anonymous Citizenette

    Gee, I don’t recall him commenting similarly when a cop is murdered, maybe I missed it. What a POS. I’m convinced that everything comes down to race for him, and not much else. He’s the George Jefferson of the White House. Impossible to imagine a person more unworthy of his position.

    • Monody

      But George was honest, hardworking, a small business owner, understood the value of the dollar, was a self-made man, and loved his wife Weezie. It’s only the “moving on up” line that might bear any semblance to The Jefferson’s for O.

      • Anonymous Citizenette

        You got me there! But similar in that George went around saying “it’s because I’m black, right?” and generally didn’t seem to like white folk very much.

        • Monody

          Maybe he uttered those words, but deep down George was a softie. He loved his daughter-in-law, even though she was white. The difference is that George said it in jest. BaraQ says it because in his heart HE does hate whites. Weezie would never have tolerated a racist George. Michelle, no comment.

  5. cain’t we all jus’ get along?

  6. AJ

    Check this out:

    ‘Report: White House didn’t OK immigrant releases’

    “WASHINGTON (AP) — Government officials decided to release more than 2,000 immigrants facing deportation in 2013 strictly for budget reasons and didn’t tell the Homeland Security secretary about the plan, according to an oversight report.

    The lack of communication led the Obama administration to wrongly deny for weeks that 2,228 immigrants facing deportation had been released, according to a harshly critical, 41-page report Tuesday from the Homeland Security Department’s inspector general. . . .”