The man who warned us that oil and gas would run out by 1985 has another brilliant insight


Lord Cardigan addresses the nation January, 1977

Lord Cardigan addresses the nation January, 1977

Retired bunny hunter James Earl Carter insists that we need a carbon tax or we’re all gonna die.

Carter also blamed those skeptical of global warming for blocking attempts to regulate carbon dioxide emissions, and lamented that it was unlikely any landmark climate legislation would make it through a partisan Congress.

“The biggest problem we have right now is some nutcases in our country who don’t believe in global warming,” Carter said. “I think that they are going to change their position because the evidence of the ravages of global warming is coming or is already there.”

“I believe almost anything President Obama advocates, Congress is going to oppose,” lamented Carter.

The former president’s one term in office was mired by energy woes, which pushed him to create the Department of Energy and push for increased resource conservation. During that time the economy was suffering from an oil shortage due to an OPEC oil embargo and federal price controls on energy.

In the midst of it all, Carter announced in 1977 that the world was on the verge of running out of oil and gas with which to power the economy. He warned that production would stop increasing in the 1980s as wells begin to run dry.

“The oil and natural gas that we rely on for 75 percent of our energy are simply running out. … World oil production can probably keep going up for another 6 or 8 years,” Carter said in his 1977 Energy Address to the Nation. “But sometime in the 1980′s, it can’t go up any more. Demand will overtake production. We have no choice about that.”

“To some degree, the sacrifices will be painful—but so is any meaningful sacrifice. It will lead to some higher costs and to some greater inconvenience for everyone. But the sacrifices can be gradual, realistic, and they are necessary,” Carter added.

Fortunately for the world, oil and gas did not run out during the 1980s. Global oil production has increased since 1980, from 64 million barrels per day to a whopping 90 million barrels per day in 2013. Similarly, natural gas production rose from about 53 trillion cubic feet in 1980 to 119 trillion cubic feet in 2012.

“Oh yeah?, well I’m right about this one,” the befuddled peanut farmer insisted to FWIW. “I’m a scientist, and the science here is settled.”



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19 responses to “The man who warned us that oil and gas would run out by 1985 has another brilliant insight

  1. Anonymous

    Department of Energy, another Fedgov department which should be closed.

  2. It was a long time ago and my attention then was mostly directed toward chasing skirt, but I do seem to remember that he called himself a nuclear physicist by virtue of having served on a nuke boomer while in the Navy.

    • No, I think he really did have a degree in the science.
      Now I’m going to have to go look it up,damn you.

      • Publius

        I believe he received a degree in nuclear engineering from the Naval Academy…. who knew??

        • Ghost of the FAR Czar

          He was Class of 1947 at USNA that accelerated into 1946. He had a degree in Physics. BS in Nuclear Engineering only just started at USNA. Class of 2017 is first one eligible for that degree. Only thing I will give him credit for is passing the nuke power interview with Adm. Rickover. The stories I heard about those interviews…..

  3. Jimmah Carter was a fool in 1976, and hasn’t improved. Not surprising that he recommends a carbon tax. National Review (which in our house we call The Truth) says this in its Aug. 11 issue about Australia’s experience with the carbon tax:

    Australians, having decided that they do not wish to become poor and miserable, have thrown out their so-called carbon tax, which is in fact a tax on energy — and therefore, in effect, a tax on everything. It is the first developed nation to have inflicted such a tax on itself and then to have seen reason. The tax was put forward by a Labor government that promised it would fund substantial tax cuts elsewhere and expanded welfare benefits; but of course the tax intensified the burden on Australians, who did not much notice their increasing cost of living . . . until the economy went soft, the mining boom petered out, and financial trouble in the rest of the world took some of the momentum out of the Aussies’ sails. There are two lessons here. The first is that a carbon tax is not a tax on pollution or on greenhouse gases — it is a tax on modernity, from food to fuel to manufactured goods to home utilities. The second and perhaps more important lesson is that, in a world that contains (1) China, (2) India, and (3) vast amounts of coal waiting to be consumed, even a painful tax on a handful of national economies is going to do nothing to reverse worrisome climate trends. Global warming is global, and not subject to local regulation — not in Australia, not in the United States. Australia has repealed its carbon tax; we should save ourselves the trouble.

    Any questions, Jimmah?

  4. Yos

    I like the other Bunny Hunter much more. MUCH more.

  5. geez, two weeks into his administration and he tells us we’re screwed:

  6. AJ

    Guess Obama showed those Russians:

    ‘Russia Sanctions Blowback: Finland’s Largest Dairy Lays Off 800, Spain Seeks EU Aid, Poland Complains To WTO’

    “Well that didn’t take long. Mere day after Russia announced its ban on Western nation food imports, European countries are scrambling (as we explained why here). Greece has already expressed dismay, but now Spanish officials will meet with EU leaders to discuss offsetting the country’s estimated up to $800 million in food and agriculture losses due to sanctions. Poland is pissed and has complained to the WTO claiming “Russia has broken international law in both its embargo;” and Finland’s largest dairy producer has announced 800 layoffs due to the sanctions. When does Europe tell Washington – enough! . . .”

    • Between the neo-Nazis in the Ukranian militia and Putin’s rebels, there sure doesn’t seem like much to choose from. Not unlike Syria except, so far, the atrocities on both sides seem more limited. No wonder OB’s playing golf and ignoring all this – tough nut to crack.

  7. Anonymous Citizenette

    “The biggest problem we have right now is some nutcases in our country who don’t believe in global warming,” okaaaaaay……..

  8. Walt

    Dude –

    This epitomizes the FATAL FLAW in libtard ideology. Epitomizes means “is a perfect example of” Dude.

    THEY UNDERESTIMATE THE HUMAN SPIRIT!! They think people are dumb. They think we need to be told BY THEM what we need to do. IN EVERY ASPECT OF LIFE!! We are being slowly led to slaughter.

    They don’t buy into American exceptionalism. In fact, they think it is a dirty word and an elitist, racist point of view. “Elitist” is an adjective Dude, describing a person or a group of people who believe they are superior to others. You elitist snob. An “adjective” is a word or phrase naming an attribute, added to or grammatically related to a noun to modify or describe it. You dummy. ADJECTIVE DUDE!!

    Anyhows, the libtards only believe in big government and control. “Progressive” my ASS!! It’s Communism. Supported by Goebbels propaganda.

    American ingenuity, allowed to flourish in a free market system, has always solved problems that seemed insurmountable. Not the government. So if the Libtards are in fact correct about global warming, and I don’t think they are, BUT IF THEY ARE, we are all going to die unless someone solves the problem. Correct? Correct!!

    So who you would YOU want to bet your life on to solve this non-existent problem? A bunch of inept, corrupt, Libtard bureaucrats, or American exceptionalism? To the extent we will ever allowed to be exceptional again?

    I rest my case. IPSO FACTO. IBID. Sotto Vocce. Gina Lollobrigida.

    Your Pal,

  9. anonymous

    I didn’t know until today that Jimmy had children other than Amy. I thought that unfortunate child was their only. He had four children, Amy was the youngest.

    John William Carter
    James Earl Carter III
    Donnel Jeffrey Carter
    Amy Lynn Carter

    They certainly stay under the radar post presidency. Unlike the Clinton’s.

  10. Anonymous

    My husband and I (and our two very young sons) moved to Greenwich in 1973 from Houston just in time for the horrendous gas station lines (where it was understandably a bit awkward to have Texas license plates) . I remember we were thrilled to get our mortgage at ONLY 8.5%, given the out of control inflation, interest rates, etc. All of which we ascribe to Jimmy Carter, fairly or unfairly. Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose. (That’s for you, Balzac) Greenwich Oldtimer