Why does everything bad always happen to ME?

The AP notes that every time the President attempts to go away on a summer vacation, something awful pops up to ruin his day, from revolutions to invasions to, two years ago, the Democratic National Convention. So far, the man has soldiered on bravely, complaining only about the really big things ruining his life such as, this week, the fact that the ocean off the Vineyard is too cold. 

But that serenity could be in jeopardy, or it might be for lesser men. Yesterday Obama’s man at the Pentagon admitted that “the world is exploding all over” A more ordinary president of the United States might find that unsettling, but not Sunny B, who, the White House has claimed only learns of things going on around him at the same time as the rest of us and also admitted he “doesn’t learn anything from the news.”  Properly shielded from reporters trying to harsh his bud during this August break, Barry O should be able to continue to work on his golf game and ignore his daughters.

All of which is good news for those worried that the man’s golf vacation might be disturbed, but it seems a missed opportunity for the president to reflect on his policies of the past six years and consider whether they were somehow, even in the teensiest of ways, related to the world exploding around us.


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11 responses to “Why does everything bad always happen to ME?

  1. sunbeam43

    AND, dammit, it even rained today! Must have really unsettled the poor guy!

    • anon

      What joy that there is rain on his golf parade, my thoughts exactly! He may be forced to cuddle with Michelle and talk about feelings. Or be seen buying a book, or an I Vacationed with The Obama’s tshirt to send to his half brother in Kenya. Pox on the rest of his vacation.

      Classic Stewart.

      • It does strike me as passing odd that, given the opportunity to spend a couple of precious weeks with his kids who ordinarily must get little of his time, he golfs with his man pals instead. Avoiding Michelle, I understand; daughters? Huh.

        For that matter, it seems that only one of his children bothered coming with him to the island, so they probably know what to expect.
        Shortest book ever written: Malia Obama’s “My time with dad at the White House”.

        • anon

          It strikes me that Barack is a cold aloof man, still angry about his absentee father and his white mother. His body language around his daughters and Michelle speak volumes. The wide grin but not much else. Sasha lucked out, still at band camp. Malia probably had no choice but to suck up and deal, stuck in a shithole summer house of only 8000sf. Half (or more) of the fun summering on the Vineyard or Nantucket is skipping out of the house while the ‘rents aren’t looking and hooking up with a cute boy from Greenwich who has daddy’s yellow Defender that can go in the beach and get stuck!! I bet Malia is happiest when away from her father.

        • Yos

          He’s gay. Next question?

        • anonamoo

          I don’t think he’s gay. I think he’s a horndog male, dying to trip the light fantastic with some Hollywood hot chick on his arm. Instead, he’s saddled, literally, with Mooch, the most miserable excuse for a First Lady that there ever was, who tells him no at every twist and turn. SHE might be the one who is gay.

  2. Here we go again…… SCoaMF

  3. As aggravating as his politics are, Stewart is hilarious.

    • Anonymous

      So I’m genuinely curious as to what scandal was the final straw that alerted Stewart and his ilk to the stench that is Obama’s presidency? Was it the bodies piling up under his administration, the lies or just sheer embarrassment at what poses as Obama’s foreign policy? Or, is it just awakening to the knowledge that Obama despises the press as much as the military? Could it be the startling loss of freedoms and police state they find themselves in is cause for alarm? It’s rather amusing to watch all the hypocrites running around screaming that the world is on fire. Pull up a chair and grab a weenie all you sanctimonious libs, you earned it.

  4. weakleyhollow

    He’s never been known to let a crisis spoil a vacation, or a simple day of golf.