A royal boon bestowed on Count Elon


I don't think we need to pay much attention to these after all, do you?

I don’t think we need to pay much attention to these after all, do you?

California is offering to waive its harsh environmental construction laws in order to keep the proposed Tesla battery factory in the state. Oh, and it will toss in $500 million of taxpayers’ money, too.

The governor’s package would speed up or skip over requirements for reviews by local and state government agencies intended to asses possible environmental threats posed by development, and offer up to $500 million in tax breaks, roughly equal to 10 percent of the Gigafactory’s estimated cost.

If you’re a small entrepreneur in the Golden State, hoping to build an addition to your factory to expand production of, say, pickup truck bed covers, and hire another two dozen workers, it’s jack shit for you, buddy, go to the end of the line and we’ll see you in three years. If, however, you’re the manufacturer of the latest “it” thing for the Green 1%ers, and you want to build a $5 billion toxic battery factory then hey, those rules aren’t so important after all, are they?

Which is how these things work; when politicians control economic development and can strangle it or get out of the way of it as they see fit, then it becomes very important for businesses to know, and woo, those politicians. If California’s environmental laws were as critical to preserving the land as those who wield them claim they are, then their application should be stricter, not eliminated, for a huge battery factory.

The fact that they’re being waived say all you need to know about the real game here. If I were Elon Musk I’d follow through with my plan to build the plant in Texas or Arizona because what can one day be bestowed by the King can just as easily be taken back, at the whim of the King. Hit the border and keep running, Elon.




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12 responses to “A royal boon bestowed on Count Elon

  1. burningmadolf

    F’n hypocrites. Seeing Jerry there reminds me of something I saw today:

  2. Walt

    Dude –

    Just who is this Elon Musk, and where did he come from?

    No one ever heard of him before a few years ago, and now he is all over the business news. Sure, he picked a great porn star name – ELON MUSK!! – but I could have come up with a better porn star name than that.

    How about “Musky Ballsack”? I think that one is better. How about Martin Lubeher Thing? I guess that name may be a name better for a black guy though.

    Barack O’boner? Half Negro half, half Mick porn star? That may even average out to a normal sized schlong. In spite of the Irish curse!! Marvin Gay, if that is what to you are into? Moan of Arc? Lemmy Humpyou? I got more!!

    But anyhows, seriously, just who is this guy? He came out of nowhere. So I giggled him. He was born in South Africa, yet he isn’t a Negro. He has a nose for money, but yet he isn’t a Jew. He has a porn star name, yet he isn’t a porn star.

    It’s a mystery, wrapped up in a riddle, inside an ENIGMA!! Pesci DUDE!! JFK!!

    He is young, handsome – not that I find him attractive Dude – NTTAWWT, with a porn star name, rich and leading the green revolution. Something just doesn’t feel right here Dude. It feels like a set up. Just like when you were in Dallas in 1963.

    AJ? AJ….

    Your Pal,

    • AJ

      Just who is this Elon Musk, and where did he come from? I’ll let Giorgio answer that:

    • Maitre d'Oyer et Terminer

      What a freaking comedic brain you have Walt. Too bad you didn’t write some scripts for Robin Williams to take on a leading role with. Maybe he’d still be alive today if he actually had some movie to really look forward to making, instead of a schlocky Mrs. Doubtfire sequel that every LA slut and their mangy chihuahuas already knew would SUCK!!!!!!!!!

      Where’s all the Hollyweird talent scouts with brass ballz? All dead or in jail on child “endangerment” charges? All they wanna do now is fookin sequels. No imagination at all at the big studios anymore. SHAMEFUL! Even that fat obnoxious self-loathing Jew and Odinglebarry fundraising monster Harvey Weinstein is in serious stone shrinkage now. He used to make good to great movies too.

  3. Cobra

    Internal combustion forever!

  4. anonymous

    Elon is a good friend of my husband – a whole group of techie friends out in Cali. He is really a good inventor. Making a profit? Not so good at that. It is NOT right that taxpayers are subsidizing the purchase of an 80G and up car. NOT RIGHT!!. argh………
    That said – what a beautiful car.

  5. What a brilliant take, CF. The emperor once again is strolling in his birthday suit……

    The Tesla battery factory is politically correct and will get lots of government help to create a few hundred jobs. Meanwhile there are many larger energy projects such as the Keystone pipeline which will create thousands of jobs but…….oh forget it…………..

    Liberals truly are unconcerned with the way their environmentalism punishes the middle class and those in the flyover states.

  6. Fred2

    “they’re being waived ”

    Uhm, since when can laws be “waived”. Seriously, I want my IRS contribution requirement ” waived”