Mid Country price cut


15 Cedarwood

15 Cedarwood

15 Cedarwood, down to $6.995million after starting off at $8.2. There are a number of these houses on Cedarwood, all built in the early 2000s, all pretty much the same, that sold for $5.2-$5.750 (this one sold for $5.725, in 2002) and all have come up for resale in recent years. They each began in the plus-$8s and ended in the low $6s.  If history is our guide, look for this one to go for around $6.3.


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3 responses to “Mid Country price cut

  1. Anonymous

    Elliman coming to Greenwich?

    Should be interesting. They’re an NYC powerhouse.


    • That’s great news for Greenwich home sellers – traditionally, brokers from out of town are the best source of clueless buyers willing to pay way over market for what their agent tells them is a bargain. Elliman is sending over agents from Chappaqua, which sounds promising.

  2. Anonymous

    Chris you DEFINITELY should get picked for the next “Million Dollar Listing – Greenwich” on Bravo!

    Anybody here got some pull at that station?