No meeting of the minds on this one, yet


33 Meeting House Rd

33 Meeting House Rd

Thirty-three Meeting House Road has been for sale, on-and-off, since 2008, when it came on at $8.995 and stayed there through 2009. In 2011 it was returned to the market, again at $8.995, but this time the owner has gradually cut her price and as of today, it can be yours for $6.595 million.

This is a beautiful house, with great lawns and amenities, but its problem lies, I think, not within its own walls but with the two abandoned Licata properties that flank the entrance. Until those are disposed of, somehow, Meeting House will continue to look and feel like Tobacco Road, and anything priced this high is going to be a hard sell.

(The former) Mrs. Jimmy Licata foreclosure, 23 Meeting House

(The former) Mrs. Jimmy Licata foreclosure, 23 Meeting House Rd

Jimmy Licata Plaza

Jimmy Licata Plaza

Scenic, but ...

Scenic, but …


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10 responses to “No meeting of the minds on this one, yet

  1. anon

    I can’t imagine the frustration these sellers must be feeling at the Appalachian approach to their lovely home. Is it reasonable to say if the other homes on the street were up to par, even as ugly as Licata Plaza is, that 33 might get closer to their original ask?

  2. Anonymous

    Beautiful place.

  3. LAK

    Why isnt anyone snatching up those abandoned properties? No town ordinance to cut the grass, keep rodents out? Disgusting!

    • Just_looking

      I remember 10 or 15 years ago I happened to be home sick from work one day and someone from town, I don’t remember if it was dpw or who it was, rang the front bell to inquire about my unmowed lawn. it was long but not abandoned looking, and I must add it was a much more modest neighborhood.
      So, yes, someone from town government cares, I just don’t know where they are these days.

    • Flash

      I tried getting Health Dept help for abandoned plot, owner claimed Wildlife Refuge…..huh

      • Cos Cobber

        Ha, well played by the derelict property owner….you lob red tape bull crap and they lobbed it back.

  4. Fred2

    One is tempted to suggest molotov cocktail on the abandoned eyesores, except some insurance co would prob have to stump up some cash.

    • Beadish

      I don’t want to say that I’m surprised that this hasn’t occurred, but I wonder how often the neighbors have thought about it. How long have those homes been like that? At least 10 years, right?