No shortage of money in some quarters, anyway

23 Hendrie Drive23 Hendrie Drive Ext., Old Greenwich, asked $9.2 million, got $9 million, pronto. Once again, the Greenwich Association of Realtor’s new policy of yanking data off publicly accessible sites prevents my linking to a full description, but here’s the basic fact sheet.

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 9.30.23 AM


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8 responses to “No shortage of money in some quarters, anyway

  1. Anonymous

    Some People have no taste, 39 vista is an incomparably nice location on many many levels

  2. Anon

    wish mid-country had rebounded the way riverside/og have….

  3. Michael


    Why do you always underestimate/ ignore milbrook. There have been at least three nearly record breaking sales in that area over the past year or so. Worth noticing, This area has appreciated since 2010 a lot.

  4. Anonymous

    The cool thing about Millbrook is the super sized and uniquely shaped vegetables coming from home gardens. Must be special soil!

  5. AJ

    If Tod’s Point were still a single private property, how much would it be worth? One billion, more, less?