Post-Sandy recovery

31, 33 Heustead, and Hendrie Drive, 0.6 acre total, sells for $2.6 million.


Can’t tell from its picture (33 Heusted is the little block building at the end of the road) how much of that 0.6 acres, if any, is below the high water mark and thus unavailable for FAR purposes, but either way, it’s a lot of money for tidal waterfront without a spectacular view. As the partial owner of two tidal waterfront properties just down the creek from here, also with nice, but not spectacular views, I commend agent Ellen Mosher for getting so much for this land.

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 2.25.39 PM


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8 responses to “Post-Sandy recovery

  1. Anonymous

    Gary Cunningham developing 2 properties on this? It’s on his website.

  2. Anonymous

    speaking of Hendrie… I noticed that 13 Hendrie was in the paper listed as sold for around 3.5M. Waterfront. Almost an acre. Across the way from chez Fountain. I never saw this come on as a listing and frankly , I think it would have sold on the market for quite a bit more. Anyone know if it was a private sale? Neighbor to neighbor? If it was private and through brokers, they robbed the seller.

    • OG Brit

      13 Hendrie Drive — Douglas Cram, trustee of The Hendrie Trust to Carol Cram, $3,506,000. Am sure 3.5 is absolutely the right price.

  3. Anonymous

    As a OG kid in the 1970s, I climbed around 33 Heusted Drive as it was being built. It is one of those boxy “modern” houses they built in the 70s that look so dated now. As mentioned by a previous commenter, here’s the description of the coming houses from the builder’s website.

    33 Heusted Drive, Old Greenwich, CT
    +/- 3950 foot , 5 beds with 5.5 baths. 2 garages below not included in square footage.

    Approxmately 12,500 foot plot directly on the water on dead end street overlooking Old Greenwich Cove.
    Bi fold doors and decks designed to maximize views. Optional elevator.

    31 Heusted Drive, Old Greenwich
    +/- 3150 foot, 5 beds with 4.5 baths. 2 garages below not included in square footage.

    Approximately 10,000 foot plot with gorgeous water views from rear deck , family room, master bed and roof deck.

  4. Gary cunningham

    Actually we have had a few enquiries so will endeavor to keep all you real estate watchers appraised of our progress. Chris, maybe we can have a friendly $ 1 wager that the price we paid works out to be ok in the end? Which reminds me that I owe Tim Gilson $100 for not getting over $3 million for 72 Shore…check is in the mail Tim!

  5. Anonymous

    Gary, what happened to the Ferris Homestead property?