The law isn’t supposed to be tilted in favor of celebrities, even dead ones


Part sale

Parts sale

Teen who grabbed the roof panel off Paul Walker’s crashed death Porsche sentenced to six months in jail for felony theft. If the car had belonged to an “ordinary” citizen, the kid walks, but outraged fans led the lynching and in LA, where every prosecutor is an aspiring celebrity himself, solidarity won.

By comparison to the ruination of this kid’s life, California law imposes a mandatory 120-day jail sentence for drivers after, and only after, they’ve been convicted of drunk driving three times. I imagine that penalty is tripled if you run into Leonardo Di Caprio’s Tesla.


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3 responses to “The law isn’t supposed to be tilted in favor of celebrities, even dead ones

  1. we’ll get to see that question posed from a different angle as this investigation proceeds:

  2. kc

    Only knowing what’s in the article, I too am a little confused about the value of putting the kid in jail for six months. Yes, it was a stupid thing to do and no, it should not be condoned. But will it really make everything better by introducing an eighteen year old to that environment for six months?

    • And load him with a felony conviction that will hurt him the rest of his life. The story is actually related to the one before it about Tesla – we used to be a nation of law, and we prospered. Now, we’re just like any other communist dictatorship or banana republic, where laws are enforced, or not, at the whim of the ruler.
      Bad times.