Danbury defense contractor closing shop, but here’s what I find ironic


Radioactive or not, here he comes

Radioactive or not, here he comes

Moving to Maryland.

Then-U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman visited the company’s Danbury facility three years ago to examine the Radseeker, a handheld radiation-detection device weighing less than five pounds that can identify more than 40 radioactive isotopes.

At the time, company officials said the product, which was developed in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Domestic Nuclear Detection Office, could play an important role in protecting the country’s borders from nuclear threats.

The article doesn’t say how the device is supposed to work, but presumably someone has to be watching the detector, and our border, to notice and intercept nuclear material being smuggled in. That’s not happening.

Just this week, merry prankster James O’Keefe released a video of himself, dressed as Osama bin Laden, wading the Rio Grande into the U.S., repeatedly, entirely unmolested by the border control. Every reprobate in the world knows that our southern border is now open, and they’re flocking to cross. Some are merely here to look for work, others are undoubtedly coming to do us harm



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22 responses to “Danbury defense contractor closing shop, but here’s what I find ironic

  1. Fore is a golf term. The appropriate term here would be the Marxist Leninist Progressive FORWARD! It evokes Lenin’s admonition for his fellow travelers “to proceed as with a bayonet, if you encounter mush, advance. If you encounter steel, retreat.”

    • Never mind, now I see what you were on about. Bad Idea to comment before completely consuming my first full cup of Tanzania Peaberry brew.

      • anon

        where do you buy the Peaberry locally and what do you pay per pound? I see it’s $12.95 per lb. whole beans at Amazon.

        • Libertarian Advocate

          Fairway market in Stamford. $9.99/Lb, PERFECTLY roasted. They will also cheerfully reduce the beans to your preferred grind.

        • Cos Cobber

          Peaberry is the brew I prefer too – great choice.

          • Is that the stuff that passes through civet cats, or is that dingleberry? Between LA’s discussion of coffee beans and the best way to wipe his ass, I’ve gotten confused.

        • Cos Cobber

          Nope, no cat shit or cat pee….but maybe elephant or human pee..cant vouch for that latter.

      • Walt

        You disappoint me, my friend. Tanzania Peaberry brew? You drink that? Do you wear a tutu while doing so, and prance around your porch like a gay male ballerina? Well that was redundant.

        Anyhows, you obviously aren’t a true Libertarian. YOU ARE A GAY YUPPY!! That was redundant as well.

        Chris, our most gracious, illiterate host, eats ROAD KILL!! It is well documented. And he baths himself in deer poop. And snacks on bluefish dragged from decrepit green slime. YOU CAN LOOK IT UP!!

        And you drink Tanzania PEABERRY BREW!! At $9.99 a pound? Do you also squat to piss? Get mad at the wife when she doesn’t put the seat down? Wipe front to back? Drive a Prius? Wear a bow tie? Get really grouchy for a few days every month? I have so many questions!!

        • Libertarian Advocate

          And you drink Tanzania PEABERRY BREW!! At $9.99 a pound? Yes, it’s great coffee.
          Do you also squat to piss? No.
          Get mad at the wife when she doesn’t put the seat down? She puts the seat down.
          Wipe front to back? Never thought about that before Walt, which do you recommend?
          Drive a Prius? Nope
          Wear a bow tie? Don’t know how to tie them.
          Get really grouchy for a few days every month? Most days, if you were to ask my sons.
          I have so many questions!! Ask away.

        • AJ

          I like Bustelo: it will put hair on your chest. I used to get it at the bodega when I lived on New York’s Lower East Side.

        • Libertarian Advocate

          AJ: For prepackaged I prefer Brazilian Cafe Caboclo. Not very easy to find it. It’s a medium roast coffee ground to espresso fineness. I don’t like dark roasts because they are almost always burnt roasts.

        • Walt

          “Wipe front to back? Never thought about that before Walt, which do you recommend”?

          Now I must admit, not much horrifies me, but that statement does. WHAT ARE YOU A CAVEMAN? You never thought of the appropriate way to wipe your ass? You leave it up to luck and just hope for the best? You have been leaving getting a severe case of swamp ass or a clean wipe up to chance? YOU HEATHEN!!

          Ok. OKAY!! I will help you. In the most delicate and tasteful way that I know how. Because this is important.

          All men. ALL MEN!! Are supposed to wipe back to front. WHILE STANDING!! It avoids potentially getting your shirt shit stained, which is a real risk. Then what would you do? This is, obviously, assuming you aren’t pinching a loaf in the nude, which is totally acceptable. Preferable actually.

          But back to front is ALWAYS the way to go. It gives you a reason to fondle your fuzzy little almonds and keep them out of harm’s way. LIKE WE NEED A REASON FOR THAT!!

          It’s the same reason men watch TV. It gives us a reason to stick our hands down our pants. Everyone knows that.

          I hope you have found this helpful. What should we discuss next? Loofas and poufs?

        • housecat

          I can’t unlearn that.

      • Toonces

        LA: The beans sound good – but what coffee maker do you use to brew them in? I’ve given up trying to find a decent one and switched to a Nespresso. Let me know if you can recommend a good one.

    • Yos

      FORE!ward. Hence, 200 rounds of golf.

      • anon

        Is FWIW going to have a pool for coming up with the real reason Barry is flying back to the WH Sunday through Tuesday? Lots of guessing. Lots of snark. No clues. No matter the reason, guess who foots the AF1 bill? That’s riiiiiight.

  2. AJ

    What do you bet they file charges against him for entering the country illegally?

    • Libertarian Advocate

      Understanding as I do Ewic the Gweat’s profound narcissism, I would be completely unsurprised if he is charged. Making it stick in the face of the administration’s manifest clusterfuckery will be a different story.

      • Yos

        Hardly. “Sticking” isn’t the punishment: Bankrupting via the process is.

        • There’s always crowd-sourcing Yos. We all know how well it works here at FWIW. Jimmy O’Keefe has a big enough fan base now – I’m willing to bet it’s a good bit larger than Odinglebarry’s and Ewic The Gweat’s combined fan base at this point – that he could raise a big pile of cash for any charges Ewic ‘n Jeh throw at him. Beside’s those two ass-clowns only have another two years to go before a new AG comes in and drops all their assorted retributive kangaroo cases.