Tax auction bargain

Come and get it, if you can

Come and get it, if you can

AJ sends along a link to this story of a New Hampshire farm – 100 acres, and a farmhouse that appears to be in excellent condition, all for a minimum bid of $250,000. 

Oops! Auction ended, with no bidders. That might be because the property is landlocked, with access only over a right-of-way, or perhaps because the former owners booby trapped the place with land mines and other anti-personnel devices, and prospective bidders weren’t allowed on the land.

In real estate, if you’re going to be picky, you’ll never land a great deal.

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  1. Fred2

    Man the feds/cops much just hate hate hate being told to F-off and have it stick. I’m surprised they didn’t Waco the whole place.