Because Obama won’t read the newspapers while he’s on vacation

Shhh, don't tell Mr. President - he's putting!

Shhh, don’t tell Mr. President – he’s addressing the ball!

White House: the president has “no idea” what’s going on in Ukraine.

Despite photographs published in every public news source of Russian truck convoys entering Ukraine, the president, who is proud of the fact that he finds out what’s happening in the world by reading the papers, remains unaware of the situation.

“He’s on vacation,” White House spokesman John Dean told FWIW, “and he’s found that reading that kind of stuff ruins his swing. He’ll look into it when he returns next month.”

Their leader’s Putin, ours is puttin’ – game over.


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2 responses to “Because Obama won’t read the newspapers while he’s on vacation

  1. Fred2

    Given his skills I’m actually happy. Seriously every time he opens his mouth it seems he says the wrong thing.

    How does that go? “If you remain silent you may be thought a fool, if you speak there will be no doubt.”

    • Anonymous

      Agree. Better he stays ignorant. If the Europeans do not become serious about sanctions there is nothing we can do on a unilateral basis.