National Association of Realtors opposes Zillow-Trulia merger


Toilet paper wrapper, Greenwich Association of Realtors

Toilet paper wrapper, Greenwich Association of Realtors headquarters building

Not surprising, because the NAR is just the Greenwich Association of Realtors writ large, and we already know their position on competition and transparency of information.

The National Association of Realtors — one of the most powerful lobbying groups in Washington — wants regulators to block the $3.5 billion merger of Zillow and Trulia, The Post has learned.

The two companies, which rely on advertising from real estate agents for the bulk of their revenues, are the leading Web sites for home listings.

The trade group’s similar offering,, is a distant third.

David Lykken, head of consultant Mortgage Banking Solutions, said he believes the National Association of Realtors is nervous about the merger.

“Their perception is this is the beginning of our end. This is going to turn control to consumers,” he said. “This will begin to retard their power, but that is not such a bad thing.”

Lykken said real estate agents can spend less time driving clients around to see homes if their customers use the sites to educate themselves in advance.

“I ask realtors who do not like the sites, ‘Have you ever lost a sale to them?’ And they say no,” he said. “This forces the realtor to up their game.”

He also doubted that Zillow would raise ad prices once it completes the purchase of Trulia.

“I predict the deal will happen,” he said.


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7 responses to “National Association of Realtors opposes Zillow-Trulia merger

  1. anon2

    I think the merger is a good idea. I betcha though, from the GAR screwy perspective, the more a buyer knows from Zillow or Trulia, the harder it will be for the GAR to continue their smarmy burying of the facts routine. Funny how transparency works. Wonder what they will call the merged companies- Zulia, Trillow?

    • Anonymous

      The GAR policy of removing listing information after closing is only drawing more home buyers to Zillow and Trulia where the listing information is often still present. The GAR is making itself partially redundant. Self inflicted wound.

      • Toonces

        Exactly, Anonymous @3:03. That’s where I go to find out the last sale price. etc. That and google maps to get a lay of the land for the lot.

  2. Anonymous

    The press has reported that the two companies will remain independent. As for Greenwich MLS..what a bunch of self serving crooks! I hope they will soon be obsolete.
    At least you have a law degree to fall back on Chris. Unlike most of the
    “Uneducated idiots” that have a so called real estate license!

  3. Guest

    One sale on my street just closed – made thru Zillow.

  4. Anonymous

    Make a complaint here about the GAR. I did and got an email back. Not sure if it will lead to anything but the GAR is similar to many cases the DOJ has taken in the past.