With a supportive mom like this, he’ll be fine




Woman chases down 13-year-old thief who stole her cellphone, holds him in a bearhug until police arrive.

The boy was cuffed and taken to the 90th Precinct station house, where he was expected to be charged with grand larceny, sources said.

When reached at her home, the boy’s mom chided Vondrich for grabbing her son.

“She has her hands all over him,” she said when she saw photos of the bust. “Why is she touching him like that?”

After making her son the victim, Mamma doubled up:

“He’s a very good boy, “he’s just been hanging out with the wrong crowd.”

Caught by a girl? There goes his street cred, forever.


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26 responses to “With a supportive mom like this, he’ll be fine

  1. AJ

    Vondrich is a victim. He’s a victim of Common Core and an America that likely offers little in the way of a future (Jobs? What jobs? They’ve all been shipped to China in exchange for cheap crap). He’s also an alleged (caught in the act, apparently) thief.

    • All true, except Vondrich is the name of the woman responsible for his moment of arrested development captured in the photograph.

      • AJ

        Indeed. Well, I’d yet to have my second cup of $2.42 a lb. Original Blend, which I’m working on now after my hour and a half walk along the St. Lawrence (sure are a lot of ospreys around here). I forgot to add that young master name-being-withheld will also be put at great disadvantage by the hordes of illegals who will be joining the ones that already attend his school, who, in addition to eating into an already tightly stretched budget, will be receiving benefits not available to our purported young thief, as well as driving down the already meager wages available to those who are low on skills and poorly educated. But don’t worry: the government will pay for all this by printing more money through the indirect tax of inflation, leaving seniors on fixed incomes to starve because the COLA is based on a price index of stuff that nobody wants to buy.

        As far as his parents letting him down, we don’t know that. And what’s his mother to do? Have a nanny follow him around 24/7? But what we do know, besides the fact that Obama is a worthless POS, is that Obama is not the black community’s friend.

        • Anonymous

          Wait AJ – what St. Lawrence? The St Lawrence seaway?

        • AJ

          That would be it, the St. Lawrence Seaway. Was down there this morning at 5:30 AM to watch a bass tournament take off. 55 bass boats with mostly 200-250 HP Mercs, all with jack plates. Very nice. Very fast.

  2. Live Free or Die

    I think his parents let him down more than the “system”…….

    • Toonces

      Parents you say? No mention here of a dad. That’s another problem that is not PC to mention (unless you’re Bill Cosby). The kid probably has no Dad. 72% of African American children are born to single moms.

  3. anonamoo

    So, as I read this, Wonder Woman didn’t even get her phone back as the pudgy boy handed it off to the more nimble one? I guess the plan is to get Pudge Boy to spill his guts in the interrogation room and snitch on the kid who actually has the phone?
    The Post wasn’t releasing his name, but here’s a fine photo of him instead?!
    I’m thinking the woman was more interested in 15 minutes of fame than getting her phone back.

    • AJ

      I don’t know about that. Not everybody has a throwaway, buy extra minutes at Walmart phone. Someone could start making expensive phone calls that she could be on the hook for, plus access God knows what that she may not be logged out of.

      • anonamoo

        It takes two seconds to call your provider to stop the phone service. And soon Apple will have a Mission Impossible option. If this woman had an iPhone, there’s already built in option called Locate My Phone w/ GPS.

        I’m just saying that I find it odd that this woman would want a story in the Post with her holding the boy.

        • AJ

          Not having a cell phone I would not know this. I had a Walmart phone but I got tired of having to pay for minutes every three months for a phone I never used and I spend a good part of my time out of the country. Maybe she was just pissed?

    • Ah, in fairness, I don’t think that was a selfie.

      • anonamoo

        This skeptic wants to know who the photog is. His name is listed in the article but was he with the woman and she posed for the photo or was he a passerby who happened upon the incident and took the photo? Either way, this story smells.

        • I Googled him, and he’s a NY Post photographer. Did he just happen on the scene? Did she call him? Was the scene reenacted? Don’t know. The police did haul away the miscreant in handcuffs, though (or so the story is reported) so presumably there’s some truth to the matter.
          I was really just intrigued by the mother’s reaction, though.

        • anonamoo

          ERGO IBID IPSO FACTO, as Walt would say. This is a staged story. The Wonder Woman was in cahoots with the photog. I bet she TRIED to get her phone stolen. Who has a NYPost camera man as a sidekick unless you are creating a hoax? SMELLIUS RATTIUS!

  4. backcountry

    can you tell me if 122 round hill sold?

    • Expired, unsold, June 30th. I’m sure it will be back (it’s an estate sale), but perhaps not at the $16 million it was asking.

      • anonamoo

        What you wrote about 122 in September 2013!

        I did have a chance to see 122 Round Hill Road today, the $16 million, 1923 house that still has 17 of its original 140 acres. The house is fabulous, but needs everything: air conditioning, new wiring, a master bedroom suite, new bathrooms, windows and on and on. But the bones are there, and someone could pour money into this and end up with a spectacular home.

        That, alas, is probably not going to happen. I asked another agent, a friend with 40 years in this business and who loves old houses as much as I do, what he estimated it would cost to completely redo: Five million? Nine? “It doesn’t matter,” he said, “this house will never survive – there’s no market for these any more”. I think he’s right, and that’s too bad. Time marches on.

  5. Anonymous

    aww ain’t that cuddly?

    the kid looks like a fat lamar from revenge of the nerds.

  6. sunbeam43

    The chubster apparently is not following Moochelle’s diet!

  7. Anonymous

    if I had a son; he would look like…..the boy in the above photo? or perhaps the nice young men looting the liquor stores of ferguson MO??

  8. Mark B.

    Yeah, something’s not right here. The photo looks staged, especially considering (pudgy or not) a kid that size could have easily overpowered her. Look at her – headphones still on, sunglasses nice and straight. Doesn’t look like she’s been in much of a tussle, let alone a five-block chase on foot.

    • Mark B.

      And look at him in the second shot getting cuffed – are you kidding me? Sorry, honey – no sale.

    • AJ

      You can’t go by the sunglasses. Remember the Mod Squad? Link used to do some serious ass kicking, and never once did his shades get knocked out of place. I know where you’re coming from, I’ve been there (no “done that). Remember?

      What’s that kid’s name? Bass? It looks like she’s holding up a prize catch. And look at her arms: she not only could most certainly outrun Fatboy, but most likely also, in short order, kick his ass.

      • Mark B.

        I stand corrected.
        And if I saw her on the street, I’d probably try to lift her phone, too, in hopes of a similar outcome…