Blown opportunity

The NY Post has picked up the story of one of J.D. Salinger’s former homes being up for sale, and stuck it on Page Six. Great chance for publicity, eh? Too bad the homeowner’s agent let a photographer come in and shoot “as is” – this is not helpful. Potential home sellers here in Greenwich, take note: your hobbies and knick-knacks do not make for appealing photos.

Pictures on the floor rate a carpet on the door

Pictures on the floor rate a carpet on the door

Wow, an arts supply closet!

Wow, an arts supply closet!




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15 responses to “Blown opportunity

  1. Walt

    Dude –

    JD Salinger WAS A HACK!! Just like you!! No offense meant.

    They made me read “A Catcher in the Rye” in High School, and it blew. Amateurish first person narrative. By a homo called Holden Caulfield. GIVE ME A BREAK!! What kind of a shitty WASP name is that? GIDEON FOUNTAIN WOULD HAVE BEEN A BETTER NAME!! At least it is a totally stuck up WASP name. And I am quite confident he would have been as verbose as Holden. Gideon, not JD.

    And then he went into seclusion. JD, not Gideon. We should only be so lucky if it was Gid. Hemingway, who you so despise, BLEW HIM AWAY!! Figuratively, not literally Dude. You disgusting little pervert.

    So who cares if the home was owned by Salinger? He lucked out on one book. WHICH SUCKED!! You dirt peddlers will use any opportunity to overprice mud. You sicken me.

    Sell me the house with Earnests brains splattered on the wall. Where Mariele and Margaux learned to masturbate. THAT IS WORTH A PREMIUM!!

    Sell me a house where Edgar Alan Poe wrote really scary stuff, and drank himself into the ever after.

    But trying to mark up a house of a cloistered, amateur HACK??
    You sicken me.

    Your Pal,

    • pulled up in OG

      Right up your alley, Dub:

      After acquiring the house, the Littlefields came across various Salinger memorabilia, including old checkbooks, sections of fence and, notably, his toilet, which made national news after a collectibles dealer tried to sell it on Ebay.
      The commode showed up on the auction site at an asking price of $1 million in August 2010, after the Littlefields gave it to memorabilia merchant Rick Kohl, of North Carolina.
      “Who knows how many of (his) stories were thought up and written while Salinger sat on this throne,” said the listing, which also advertised the toilet as “uncleaned and in its original condition.”
      The toilet came with a note of authentication from Littlefield.
      What Salinger composed during his long seclusion in Cornish, in the lavatory or otherwise, is anyone’s guess.

      • housecat

        “Who knows how many of (Salinger’s) stories were thought up and written while Salinger was on the throne.” Well. That just about sums up the South’s contribution to humanity. Am personally grateful that my Ren cousin put it into words.

  2. Swanton

    Cornish is rural NH. The house is clean. The exterior is charming. Enough land for privacy. Straight shot up 91 and over the long covered bridge at Windsor, VT. Looks like a great getaway spot where one can be anonymous. Chump change for your clients, too.
    The Upper Valley as that area of NH and VT is known is quite lovely.

  3. Anonymous

    Can we hear a bit about John? He is in my thoughts and prayers and I would love an update.

  4. AJ

    Once upon a time coral colored Formica countertops were all the rage. We had them in our house until we switched to the next thing to come along: avocado colored Formica countertops–at one with the Greenwich vibe. Om.

    • anonymous

      Our first house purchase in 1976, we gutted the kitchen and installed white melamine cabinets, bright brass door knobs, a cherry red Kohler sink, Formica “butcher block” countertops, and a faux red brick linoleum floor. We thought it was the cats meow.

  5. Jmac

    I was looking on Trulia at 17 Park Ave, OG. The photos are horrific. How could anyone allow them to be used to market a house. The agent should be canned.

    • You know, I went to that listing to see, because your comments are pretty strong but by golly, those are some horrible photos – the one of the master (?) bedroom, with one shade up, another down, and dark shadows everywhere is just one of many bad ones.
      Fire the agent? Hardly – she’s very good, so I’d guess these photos are the owner’s responsibility, not hers. Besides, it’s the owner’s clinging to his price of $2.2 million from April to now, refusing to drop a penny even after the hottest sellers market has come and gone, that is the real reason it hasn’t sold. Pathetic photography is secondary to pricing. On the other hand, a double-whammy never helps.