Even on Saline, the Mickster is thinking of us

The Mickster scrambles to Saline, St. Barts

St. Barts: Like a lovable sea turtle, The Mickster scrambles towards the waters of Saline Beach

And he sends along these wonderful photographs of how not to show your house. All actual ads, culled from various websites. Click on the link for the full catalogue.

Man Cave

Man Cave

Toiletries room

Toiletries room

Back yard paradise

Back yard paradise


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15 responses to “Even on Saline, the Mickster is thinking of us

  1. Anonymous

    Must be a different Saline from the one I know.

  2. Col. DeBeers

    lol. St Barths in Aug? What a maroon.

  3. 2nd Home

    That’s a good point
    They were some busted old bitties when we went in Feb.
    All the frenchies head down in summer time.
    And the real talent is there at Xmas.
    But Xmas is 5k/day for a two week min, and that’s the min.

  4. housecat

    I hope you put sunscreen on that, Mickster.

  5. Fred2

    Must give all members of GAR this book for Christmas.

    “Dear Realtor, Please consider mining this fabulous book for ideas when engaging in real estate Photography. You too can save lots of money! Do it yourself!”

    The only real downside is some member’s shots are probably already in the book.

  6. Mickster

    I’m actually back – what a place! Lots of Parisiennes around. Almost came to blows with one ahole over a parking space outside the boulangerie! Beautiful place and beautiful people. Now broke again. Thx for the pic above