Obama meets with his National Security Council in D.C.


Getting' down to bidness wit Alonzo and friends

Getting’ down to bidness wit Alonzo and friends

Top secret, except for the photo-op which was the point of this million-dollar round trip from the Vineyard in the first place.

His playing partners  security advisors include close friend and basketball star Alonzo Mourning and White House aide Marvin Nicholson.


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13 responses to “Obama meets with his National Security Council in D.C.

  1. anon2

    ya notice he never plays with any regular “folks”, just the rich and famous.

    • And always – always – with men. If he had a club, it would look like Augusta National.

      • anonymous

        I’d love to see Condi Rice whoop Obama’s ass on the golf course, and now that she’s a member of Augusta, have her be the host and Obama the guest! HA!
        Condi is a brilliant woman, accomplished concert pianist, great golfer, professor, and she does it all without wanting or asking for any attention. Malia and Sasha would do well by having her as a role model, not their morher’s ideal, bootilicious Beyoncé.

      • Chimney

        They have a few lady members.

  2. anon2

    Some of the best golf clubs in the world are still all-male members. One of the best, Pine Valley, in NJ:

    Pine Valley Golf Club is a highly exclusive club. Male-only membership is by invitation from the board of directors only. There are about 930 members spread throughout the world, and the list is a closely guarded secret.The only way a guest is allowed into the club is if they are invited by a member and accompanied by one. Women are permitted to play the course on Sunday afternoons

    St. Andrew’s in Scotland and Muirfield too, all male.

  3. anonymous

    Here we go: President Obama is in the briefing room at 4pm to address the nation.

    Any guesses????????????????

  4. Groucho Marx

    I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.

  5. Anonymous

    Barry went back to D.C., to get his bags of dope and meet with Reggie Love.

    National Security? Alonzo Mourning ?? Excuses and cover for a douchebag, who if there were any justice in the world would end up like Mussolini.