Round Hill Road possibility?


365 Round Hill Rd

365 Round Hill Rd

365 Round Hill Road, asking $1.599. It’s on just 0.9 of an acre in the R-4 zone so thanks to our Planning & Zoning geniuses, you can only build a 2,700 sq.ft. home here (compared to the 5,292 sq.ft. the P&Z has determined is the “perfect size” for the one-acre zone, or the 8,820 sq.ft. home you’d be allowed in the R-20 zone), and it’s got a failed septic system, but it’s still an acre in a decent part of town. That’s if you can put up with the neighbors, but they’re mostly all out of town for indeterminate periods, depending on good behavior and appeals.


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5 responses to “Round Hill Road possibility?

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    Like we need further proof that we are becoming a Nation of idiots:

    Maybe you should consider doing this on your blog. You dummy.
    Your Pal,

  2. Publius


    Would you educate an ignorant and do the math on FAR in this instance? At first blush a 10% reduction in lot size generates a 50% haircut on home size seems odd unless of course the lot is undersized and then you must beg to the town leaders to be able to have a house on the lot….

    • Because the P&Z makes no allowance for undersized lots, the maximum floor area for a house on one-acre lot in the four-acre zone is calculated by the R-4 ratio: 0.0625. Thus. 0.9 acre (43,560 X .9 = 39,204, x 0.0625 = 2,450 sq.ft..
      That same 39,304 in the R-1 zone is treated to a different FAR ratio of 0.135, yielding a permissible house size of 5,293 sq. ft.
      “Aha!” you cry, “if the P&Z has determined that a one-acre lot can accommodate a 5,293 sq.ft. home without crowding out its neighbors in the R-1 zone, why must it be shrunk to 2,450 sq.ft. in the R-4 zone, where homes are spaced so much farther apart?”
      The answer, as explained repeatedly over the years by the RTM, our First Selectman and the Planning & Zoning commission, is “because”.
      Hope that clears up your confusion.