Unfortunately, his paper boy doesn’t make deliveries up island

Why do bad things only happen to ME?

Why do bad things only happen to ME?

Obama: “I only learned that the National Guard had been mobilized in Ferguson when I read about it in the paper”.

“Anyone who is the least bit familiar with how President Obama governs knows that he only learns of bad news from what is reported by you,” White House spokesman Candice Bergen told reporters in response to their skepticism that even Barry O could be so clueless, “and he won’t read the news when he’s vacationing. We had to ease him into this, first by luring him onto his plane – we tossed his Titleist in there – so that he felt he was working, kind of, and then had the steward ‘accidentally’ drop a copy of the WaPo on his fold-down tray. He’s up to speed on it now, though – the country can relax.”


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5 responses to “Unfortunately, his paper boy doesn’t make deliveries up island

  1. anonamoo

    So the doofus-in-chief, who tells us everytime he can, that he can rule the world from wherever he is, YET YET YET, he just chewed up about a million bucks to fly back to DC to be 24 minutes late to stand before a podium without a tie to tell us nothing other than his hair is getting gray. He was a total sexist to Ann Compton by suggesting her retirement is because she now has a grandchild (she shook her head no). He rambled about Ferguson, blacks yada yada bothers keeper all good kids, or as Al Sharpton shouted, they weren’t looters, they were LIBERATORS!
    Go back to the golf course Barack. And stay there.

  2. anon

    The black community isn’t diggin’ The O man isn’t as loved as he thinks he is. Read through all these tweets, all from blacks. Not very thrilled with his brothers keeper comment.

  3. Riverside Chick

    Does anyone else start to fume when Obama refers to terrorists in the Middle East as “Folks in the Middle East”
    Yes, he actually said this today

  4. Riverside Chick

    Maybe next press conference he can put a tie on to show respect to the office he is holding or is he going to show up in a “Life is Good” tee shirt?