End of global warming to usher in new ice age?


Reasoned discourse on the left

Reasoned discourse on the left

100-year cycle of increased solar activity coming to a close

Recent studies have, however, shown that changes to the solar cycle affect the weather in the North Atlantic as during the years of strong solar winds larger numbers of space particles enter the atmosphere where they can break up the ozone layer. This causes temperatures to rise in Northern Europe.

So far, solar activity has only been linked to the variation taking place during the 11-year solar cycles and studies do not yet provide answers to questions on how solar activity affects global warming.

No answer to the question of how solar activity affects global warming? Skeptics have pointed that out for years, and have been dismissed as enemies of humanity for questioning “settled science”.



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8 responses to “End of global warming to usher in new ice age?

  1. Anonymous

    Sweet. That means I don’t have to replace my central air unit that went kaput this summer.

    • AJ

      Good articles. I even bookmarked the global warming one as a future, in depth reference as to the true meaning of bullshit on a global scale.

  2. Anonymous

    linky no worky

    • It’s a slow load, but it should eventually show up on your screen. Or Google “solar activity coming to an end” and you’ll get different versions of the same article.

  3. Do you think they’ll have the grace to admit they were wrong as we all freeze? I , for one, doubt it.

  4. Anonymous

    the past couple weeks of cool weather have done wonders for my lawn.

    thanks al gore!