Seven years and $8.950 million later, 217 Taconic sells for $13 million


217 Taconic Rd

217 Taconic Rd

Eleven acres, lots of buildings, great views. Started off at $21.950 million in 2007.

March contract, closed today.


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12 responses to “Seven years and $8.950 million later, 217 Taconic sells for $13 million

  1. Toonces

    Wow, buyers got a great deal here. That’s a stunning property.

  2. credit to the designers (inside and out) for getting that Eisenhower Era feel about right for a house built in ’98.

  3. Anonymous

    i love everything taconic.

    especially 331, which is a cross between jetsons and flinstones.

  4. Reader

    I think that property was owned by Raj Rajaratnam’s partner.

  5. Anonymous

    Don’t think so. Husband and wife residence, custom home.

  6. Anonymous

    definitely..was…sang to the feds and left town with the family to Colorado!

  7. Anonymous

    gary rosenbach