Aw shucks, how could I have missed this?*

Gary and Susan Rosenbach  in more stressful days

Gary and Susan Rosenbach in more stressful days

Readers have alerted me that it was Gary Rosenbach, the pigeon in the Raj Rajaratnam trial who owned 217 Taconic Road, which sold yesterday for $13 million.

After ratting out his business partner in exchange for a get out of jail card, Rosenbach fled town and was last seen in Texas, winning $5,000 purses at rodeos – guess he put that riding ring to good use up on Taconic.

* Turns out, I didn’t miss it, I just forgot. Here’s a post from 2009 entitled, “Will Gary Rosenbach be moving to Round Hill?”.  He never did move to Rogues’ Hill; he didn’t have to – the feds let him off the hook, and he skedaddled to Colorado, pahdna.

And look at him now! What do hemorrhoids and cowboy hats have in common? Sooner or later, ever a-hole gets one

But look at him now! What do hemorrhoids and cowboy hats have in common? Sooner or later, every a-hole gets one



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8 responses to “Aw shucks, how could I have missed this?*

  1. anonymous

    Any intel if the Mrs. went to Texas with him or did she choose not to stand by her man?

  2. Anonymous

    Damn this blog has all the juicy stuff that’s fit to print!

    (but won’t ever make it to the mainstream media.)

  3. rivman

    We used to talk with him and his spouse when one of their sons played on my son’s GBA team a number of years ago. He was always very nice, but his son was horrible. Then I heard he fled town…

  4. Anonymous

    He be wrastlin’ up himself a good defense attorney out yonder.

  5. anon

    what’s a good jewish boy from queens doing riding a horse in a rodeo? his mother is probably kvetching. My son, the cutter? Oy.

    Interesting comment from the linked 2013 NYT DealBook article:

    Off Wall Street 29 April 2013
    Five months to go until September 23. That’s the 5th anniversary of Rosenbach buying Goldman shares for Raj in the last three minutes of market trading after Raj learned on a phone call with Rajat Gupta that Goldman had just approved the Buffett investment. Rosenbach bought 200,000 shares at $124.84/share, 150,000 for Raj and 50,000 for himself. He also sank $30 million into XLF, an exchange-traded fund that comprises S&P 500 financial sector firms. Both popped on the Buffett news.

    The feds busted with Raj’s little brother, Rengan, just before time ran out. It’ll be interesting to see how things turn out for Rosenbach.

  6. harrycan

    I take issue with your cowboy hat assertion! I was in Wyoming two weeks ago enjoying the fresh air and the Teton mountains, and I was wearing a – wait for it – “Cowboy” hat. Trace Adkins wears one, so does Gary Allen and Garth Brooks. I haven’t seen anybody call them a-holes.