Stay off the streets this afternoon



Just a quick trip back to town and then I'll be back, I promise.

Just a quick trip back to Greenwich and then I’ll be back, I promise.

Joe Biden’s coming to Greenwich today, to the home of one of the 1%ers to beg for cash. This probably explains why Peter Tesei chose this week to vacation on Fire Island, but his travel companion, our Third Selectman, will doubtless be sorry to miss him. Or perhaps he’ll sneak home for just a glimpse of the man, who knows?


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4 responses to “Stay off the streets this afternoon

  1. AJ

    Will they be handing out barf bags at the event? And will Joe be showing off his latest Donald Trump impersonation? Will he be holding out his hand like a door man? Or is he slightly slicker and smoother than that? Show us your tough and serious monkey face, Joe.

  2. Number 54

    How do you get to be a 1%er if you’re stupid enough to give some of your money to support the people who are trying to take the rest of it? Lucky sperm club, maybe?

  3. LAK

    I was in that Biden traffic!! Yes, he got off on Round Hill Road.